Rise Up in Authority

I don’t know exactly why, but this week God has continually reminded me of things that happened with Bryson when he was two.

One morning when Bryson was small, I called their house to speak to his mom.  He picked up the phone and jabbered something I couldn’t understand.  I asked for his mom and he took the phone to her.  He was perfectly fine.

Within two hours he was so sick he had to be rushed to the doctor.  He was vomiting every couple minutes with nothing at all on his tummy.  He couldn’t hold his head up.  He couldn’t keep his eyes open or stay awake.  This little man has never been sick like this.  Breanne showed up at my house with her pajamas on, I knew then it was serious.

We quickly called his doctor which was an hour away.  We jumped in the vehicle and headed toward his office.

As we drove, I began coming against a spirit of infirmity.

Once there, the doctor said if they couldn’t do something quickly, they would have to get iv’s in his little arms.  They began making arrangements to get him to the hospital.  Hearing that news sent Breanne back to a place that caused her a great deal of anxiety.  You see, she had a near fatal experience the last time she was at a hospital.  I could see the look of panic on her face at the thought that she would have to revisit that trauma.  I locked eyes with her and said, “it’s going to be fine; we are going home from here.”

I continued to pray.  I prayed for the vomiting to stop.  For the fever to go down.  Each time a nurse came in she said, “hospital” and I said, “he is healed.”

I began to walk the floor and pray in the spirit.  After a few minutes I felt the spirit of infirmity leave.  I don’t know how to explain it, I just felt it leave.    The vomiting stopped.  The fever began to drop, and Bryson became alert.  After a few more moments there was no longer a need for the hospital.  We left his office and headed back home.

Bryson slept all the way home.   He had not spoken a word all day.  When he woke up, he looked at me and said some gibberish that only his mom could understand.  My heart lept.  Then he asked for a popsicle. A few moments later, he drank a sprite.  Finally, he asked for some bites.  Breanne said, “Mom, you can’t feed him.”  I responded, “Bre, when Jesus laid hands on people and they were healed, He always fed them.”  Bryson ate.  He got up and played and I was amazed.

Amazed at our covenant with God.  Amazed that this little boy who was so sick they wanted to put him in the hospital, was now playing with his Nana.  I wept later that night thinking about God and His faithfulness.

Never doubt it, when the enemy comes in – and he will come – if you stand in faith – our God with lift up a standard against him.  It takes us declaring over our kids and grandkids, “not here, you have no place here, they belong to God and me, hands off!’

God is faithful to uphold His word when we are faithful to declare AND believe it.

Our God is faithful!!!  He will not fail us if we stand on His word and refuse to back off.  We are in a season in God where mighty and powerful miracles are taking place.  The power of God is evident.  We can stand on His word knowing it will come to pass.

It’s time we rise up and be bold in our faith.  It’s time to declare what God has said about the situation and stand firm on that truth.  God is right here – waiting on us to speak His word with authority.  He will back you up.  The only time God can’t work on your behalf is when you are speaking the opposite of what His word says.  If you say what He says, you will have what He says.

I encourage you today, to say what He says.  Stand bold in faith, command, declare and be persistent.  Stand until you see it – refuse to back off.  It’s time for a boldness in God and in His word.  It’s time to walk in the fulness of His covenant.  It’s time to be who we are – people of authority with all the power of heaven backing us.  It’s time we back the enemy off what is ours instead of letting him back us off what really belongs to us.

Take the word of God and take your territory back.  Draw a line in the sand refuse to back up.  You can rest assured – all the power of heaven is backing you – you will win.  You have already have the victory through Jesus.

As for me, I was never more thankful for my covenant with God than I was when I watched that little boy be healed, right before my eyes.  I praise God for His faithfulness to me and my household.


Meditate on this:

You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.  1 John 4:4



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