A scripture found in Micah has been one of my favorite scriptures. I was reminded of this scripture this week when I saw a shirt with a message on the front. The message read, “RISE UP!”

Micah 7:8 says, “Don’t rejoice over me, o my enemy; when I fall, I shall arise, when I sit in darkness, the Lord will be a light to me.”

As Christians, we don’t want to think that anything bad will ever happen, or that we will ever fall. However, for most of us, we will face challenges – even some that cause us to fall. I am not talking about falling into sin, I am talking about stumbling and falling and getting knocked down Even so, we have this awesome promise to our enemy; “Don’t rejoice over me, devil, for God says when I fall, I shall arise, when it is darkest in my life, my God will be my light.”

Isn’t that an awesome promise?

The getting back up and continuing in faith is vitally important. It reminds me of when I was a young girl. We always had horses growing up. We had one in particular that wasn’t very nice. One day I was riding her, and I got thrown off. It was a hard fall and all I wanted to do was go home and forget about that horse. However, my mom made me get back on, immediately.

Now if you have just gotten thrown off a horse the very last thing you want to do as you pick yourself up is get back on, so where’s the wisdom in that? I can tell you. When you get thrown off if you don’t get right back on, fear sets in and it will build and build until you are afraid of that horse and will never get back on another.

We see this happen all the time, even in relationships. People fall in love and get hurt and decide they will never ever love like that again. Or they get hurt in a business relationship and decide they will never trust anyone again. This is not healthy and will keep you from ever seeing the fullness of your potential.

Many people get hurt and stop taking the chance of believing again. Some become disappointed in God and are afraid to trust Him again. But God sees things a different way from us. We may look at a situation and think that He has failed us or that He has not kept His Word, but that is simply not true. How do I know that? Because His Word is infallible, and it can’t fail. He cannot lie.

His Word says that He will never leave us nor forsake us. It says that He will always cause us to triumph in Christ. It says when we fall, we shall arise, and He will be our light in darkness.

Perhaps you ask God for something and stood in faith, and it didn’t turn out the way you thought. Don’t get mad at God – trust Him. And get back on that horse. Refuse to not ride on the promises of God. Get back up and declare that although it may not look the way you want it to look – you are still going to trust God with the final outcome. It may even look like you are seeing the final outcome – but only God knows what the final outcome really looks like.

Remember Peter? He had fished all night and caught nothing. He was certainly exhausted and disappointed. Then Jesus told him to cast his net one more time. Peter could have refused and argued that he tried that before and it didn’t work. Thankfully he did not. He cast his net again and brought in a haul.

Cast your net of faith, your net of believing what God has said concerning you…one more time…and perhaps, you too will bring in a haul.

Last week, I kept hearing a scripture over and over in my heart; This is not unto death. I became curious at where that scripture was located and what sickness it was referring to.

When I found the reference for that scripture and read the text in its fullness I had to laugh. Who was Jesus talking about when He said, “This is not unto death?” Lazarus. And He said this two days before Lazarus died. He actually died. To his family and everyone around him, he was dead. Not only dead, but dead for four days, wrapped in grave clothes, in a tomb and stinking.

This is what Jesus calls not unto death. He sees things from a different perspective, from a higher viewpoint. If He says it is not unto death, even if you see death all around you, I promise you that God has the final say and it is not unto death. So, rejoice that the One who is Resurrection is on your side and will speak life into whatever seems dead in your life. It may be dead, stinking, wrapped up and put away but when Jesus Christ commands it to come forth, it will come forth!

I encourage you today to begin to speak in agreement with Jesus. Speak life into every seemingly dead situation around you. Life will spring forth and God will be glorified. You see, Jesus said this is not unto death, but that God may be glorified through the Son. Everyone knew, in the natural, Lazarus was dead and perhaps everyone knows that your situation is dead too – that’s okay – when Lazarus came walking forth – everyone saw it and it ultimately brought God glory. Your story will do the same – it will bring glory to God in a way no other outcome could. Trust Him in that.

Bringing God glory, isn’t that why we do everything we do anyway? Of course, it is. Rest in the truth that God will bring you out with the victory. Rest in the truth that when God speaks life to your situation, it will live. When YOU speak life under the anointing of God, life will spring forth. Rest in the truth that although you may have fallen, you shall arise, and God will get all the glory!!!