This past Friday we had a get together at a local business in our town. It was a family gathering and we had a blast. But more than that…

Let me go back a few weeks. There is a local business in our town, it is called Paint the Town. We have taken the kids there for a few years. It is a place where you go in and paint ceramics and the lady there fires them and you have a wonderful ceramic to use at home or keep. The kids usually do rabbits, dragons, kittens, or gifts for me or Breanne. I always do something simple, like a bowl and I love using things I have made.

This business has been in our town for several years, it used to stay packed all the time. However, as I have driven by it the past few weeks I noticed there was hardly ever anyone there on Fridays. I drove by a few different Fridays and saw that to be the case. One Friday we were actually headed somewhere out of town and saw they were empty so we stopped and went in. Just to be a blessing.

For the next week or so, this place came to mind time and again, over and over I would think about it and how their business needed increase. One day God said ‘what can you do?’ I thought about it for a few days, and prayed about it, then I acted. I called several people in my family and said ‘if you will meet me at Paint the Town on Friday night, I will bring food and we will have a gathering, it won’t cost much and you can take something homemade with you.’

That Friday she had a good amount of people come in and paint and bring in new business. It was a blessing to her, a tremendous blessing with very little effort on my part.

In another instance, my sister is working toward making extra money and the Lord laid it on my heart to help her get a good start in her new Thirty One business.

I don’t often do things like this, I don’t generally have a lot of extra time but this is something God is compelling me to do, to help others increase.

I was thinking about all this on Saturday and I realized God is causing me to sow seed in a particular area…increase for others…this can ONLY bring increase for me. It is the law of sowing and reaping.

The Bible says in Zechariah 8 that we are saved to be a blessing. Have you ever thought of that? We are saved and expected to be a blessing to others. Unfortunately many think they are doing all they can do to take care of themselves therefore they can’t possibly be a blessing to anyone else.

This is the wrong way of thinking…..it is in being a blessing that we become blessed, or more blessed. It took a little money for me to get food together and be a blessing to others but it didn’t take that much and it was well worth it to see the look on her face. Now, if only a few more people would do that simple, or small act, her business would increase tremendously.

For my sister, what I have done is small but if 25 people would place a small order with her, her business would increase.

This week alone I have sown two great seeds of increase….I will receive increase but that is not the reason I did it, I did it because it is the heart of God to help others. It is the heart of God to help without expecting anything in return, to be a blessing just because we can.

I want to encourage you today to help someone, it may seem small to you, but to them it will be a great thing and it may change their entire perspective, it may just give them the uplift they so desperately need – you have the power to do that.

God said in Zechariah 8; I will save you, deliver you and bless you so that you can be a blessing…will you do that?