I love this time of year. It is the season when every single year when God shows me things about the seeds we sow. It never gets old, at least for me. Year after year, I am amazed at the lessons He either teaches me or reminds me of. I want to share a few of those from this past week with you today.

Lesson 1. It’s never too late.

I have several rose bushes that have failed to bloom for the past two years. I should have dug them up and replaced them last year, but I didn’t. They once had such stunning roses that I couldn’t bring myself to dig them up. This year, they bloomed, every single one of them. They had the most beautiful and fragrant roses. It was such a surprise. What had appeared dead was suddenly alive and blooming.

I know many of you have things in your life that you feel as if they have died. There is no life left in them. However, in God, all things are possible. If it is something you feel God put in your life or in your heart, don’t give up on it. It is never too late.

Lesson 2. Spring always comes.

I don’t know about you, but for me, sometimes it seems like the winter seasons will last forever. What I am talking about is the cold, dark seasons when it feels like everything is dormant and nothing is happening – at least nothing good. But Spring always comes. One morning I walked outside and looked at my beautiful roses, I leaned in to enjoy their fragrance and I smiled. I walked around to my front yard and saw my lilies in my pond in full bloom, with fish swimming happily and frogs jumping in and out of the pond, I realized, Spring is finally here.

Spring always comes. Blooming time always comes. Harvest always comes. Some seasons are hard and feel like they are never ending, for all of us. But those things just come…to pass. And they will pass. We must simply continue to trust and seek God during the dark times, knowing the sun will shine again. The flowers will bloom, and harvest will be seen in the land. Just keep walking and seeking.

Lesson 3. Seeds not planted won’t produce harvest.

One morning I looked at some onion plants sitting in my garage in a basket. You see, it had been raining for days and I had been unable to finish my planting. These onions had been there for more than a couple weeks. As I looked at them God spoke to me and said, “seeds not planted will not grow, they won’t produce anything.” Later, that day, I dug through wet dirt to get those onions in the ground. However, about half of them were no longer viable. Unable to be planted. That saddened me, but it also reminded me…if I want harvest, I must get my seed in the ground.

Sometimes we want change in our life – but are we diligent to plant the seeds that need to get in the ground to produce the harvest we want? They may be financial seeds, seeds of money. They may also be seeds of the Word of God. They may be seeds of forgiveness or grace. Seeds of love or kindness. Whatever harvest we need, we must first sow the seed. Make sure to get your seed in the ground, don’t allow it to become without viability.

Lesson 4. Harvest will burst forth.

When seeds are sown into good ground, watered, and tended, they always bring forth harvest. There is absolutely nothing that thrills me more than to plant a seed and watch that seed bring forth harvest as it bursts, literally, out of the seed itself. I love seeing that leaf with the seed still stuck on the end of it reminding me…everything comes from a seed.

Today, think about all the seeds you have in the ground. Get a good picture of it in your mind. Now, see the harvest burst forth out of that very seed. Get that vision in your mind and meditate on it. Look at the picture we used today – it is some of my seed and the harvest that is bursting forth. Notice the seed still stuck on the end of the plant it brought forth. It didn’t take forever, with a little sunshine and water, it came forth quickly. It is my prayer that your harvest will do the same – burst forth out of the seed and begin to produce what it was planted to produce. Seeds produce harvest. Without seed there is no harvest. God never forgets a seed, neither should we.

I hope you enjoyed my lessons from the garden. As I said, I love how God speaks to me each and every year concerning seed. Obviously, I need to be reminded each year – perhaps you do too.

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