Recently, Breanne and I were having a conversation and a name came up of a lady who had taught Breanne much of what she now knows about horses.  It all began with this woman God brought across Breanne’s life.

This happens to be a lady whom she doesn’t talk to as often as she once did, however there was a time, a season, when this lady was a big part of Breanne’s life.

As we talked, Breanne said to me, “if I never saw her again, she taught me so much, I gained so much from her, even for the short time she was in my life.”  She went on to say, “all people come into your life for a reason and for a season.”

Eccl. 3:1 says; To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.

This is true for people in our lives as well.

There have been people who have come into my life for a short season yet who have greatly impacted my life.  There have been ministers I have heard preach ONE time who have said things, even one short sentence, that has changed the way I see things.  Which in turn changed my life.

God has brought some people into my life for short seasons.  There are others who God brings across my path that become friends and remain for many seasons, for both, I am thankful.

Regardless of which it is, I gain something from these wonderful people crossing my path in life.

Even as I write, the faces of people who have been a blessing in my life flashes before my eyes…I am so thankful.  This year, more than ever, one of my goals is make sure people know how they have impacted my life and how very grateful I am for them.

Just this week, as I was getting out additional blankets for the approaching cold, I came across a couple of afghans one of our partners had crocheted for me.  I love them!  First of all, they are lovely, but mostly, I think of the time and effort she put into making these precious gifts for me.   As I looked at this gift, I was reminded of how this gift blessed me and continues to bless me.

Another partner sent me a set of personalized scriptures that set on my desk and daily remind me of the word of God to ME…this too is a precious gift to me.

Now, why have I said all this?  To say, “watch for the people that God sends into your life and make sure they know the impact they have made on your life and how much you appreciate them…never take them for granted.”

I could not possibly name the people who have been a blessing in my life.  I pray I have been a blessing to many myself.  And this year, I have purposed in my heart to be a blessing to many more.

I want to bless others and show them that their actions or words have not gone unnoticed.

It doesn’t take much to let someone know they are appreciated.  A simple text.  A short email.  A quick phone call.  A card in the mail.  It’s simple really yet it can often mean so very much.

Today, more than ever, make sure you let the people who are a blessing to you just how much they mean to you.  Take the time to shower them with love and kindness.  Set your heart and mind to be a blessing to someone each and every day.

Remember those who have impacted your life in a positive way and let them know.  We are blessed to be a blessing…therefore, let’s be a blessing!  After all, God sent them across your path for a reason and for a season.



Meditate on this:

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted.  Ephesians 4:32