I never tire of the things God teaches me and reminds me of during planting season.

One day I was preparing some Kennebec potatoes to put in the garden.  I was sitting down, cutting them in quarters and halves, making sure there were several eyes present on each cutting.  That is what I have been taught by the farmers in my family who came before me, so that is what I do.

Breanne and Brailee were sitting near, watching me.

Breanne said, “I don’t understand, why do you use whole potatoes that you can eat to grow potatoes?”  I responded, “that’s just the way it works.”  She asked, “but where’s the seed?”

I laughed and said, “in the potatoes.”

The seed is in the potatoes.  The seed is in the harvest.  And the harvest is the seed.

God is so awesome and the way He designed things to work, never ceases to amaze me.

The seed is in the potatoes.  We plant the potatoes, they grow, and multiply, and harvest comes.  We harvest them, and then there is more seed.  Oh, my word!  When I think on that, I see how God designed for us to have a perpetual harvest in every area of our life.

He gives us seed.  We plant the seed, we water it.  He brings the increase.  We harvest it.  Once it is harvested, there is more seed to plant, and we do it all over again.  There is never a reason for us to go without harvest, if we are continuing to plant seed from every harvest.

I hope that makes as much sense to you as it does to me.  Sometimes it is difficult to put what I am seeing in words.

Have you sown seed?  If so, you have harvest in the ground.  But you must water it.  And you must speak His Word over it, declaring daily that He is bringing increase.  And He will.  He will not fail to bring His Word to pass in your life.

Have you harvested?  If so, there is seed in your harvest.  Be sure to continue planting more seed.  Why?  So, you will continue to harvest.

It is my prayer for you this year, not that you will enter a season of harvest.  But that you will enter a time of perpetual harvest.  An unending circle of seedtime and harvest.  Such a dynamic time that it will be as the Word says in Amos 9:13; “The time will come,” says the LORD, “when the grain and grapes will grow faster than they can be harvested.”

In the King James Version, it says; “Behold, the days are coming, declares the Lord…”  I love that!  It reverberates in my spirit today – I hear the Lord saying to me, to you, to us….

“Behold, the days are coming where you will sow, and the harvest will come in faster than you can bring it in…”

I believe we are entering that time.  I am excited!

God help us recognize the seed for our harvest and the harvest in our seed.  This I ask, for each of us, in Jesus mighty name.  Amen and So Be It.




Appoint My Days

My children will stay on the narrow path of righteousness and purity all the days of their lives. They will not stray to the left or right but will stay on God’s perfect path for their lives. They will always be leaders and role models of godliness and will keep themselves away from corrupting and contaminating influences. They will surround themselves with godly friends and mentors all the days of their lives. They will marry a godly spouse with a passion for the Lord. My children obey and honor their parents. They respect their teachers and all in authority.

Romans 13:1,2, Ephesians 6:1, 2

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