Be not deceived, God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap. Galatians 6:7

This week I received an email from one of our partners. He shared with me that he thought he was set up to give a monthly donation, he said it had been set up that way for a while. He said ‘I know I need to sow into your ministry because you feed me every day.’ He went on to share that he just noticed it had not been working since October 2016. He was frustrated that all the time he thought he was sowing seed, he was not.

This email reminded me of a teaching the Lord gave me, I want to share it with you today:
I want to share something with you today about your harvest. Yes, we all have a harvest, of something. Knowingly or unknowingly we all sow something, every minute of the day.

We may sow our time or food or kindness, or we may sow anger, division and strife. But we are all sowing something each day. But the harvest I want to talk to you about is your harvest of prosperity.

I get so many emails from people who need a financial miracle and they need it now. The Bible is clear, one of the basic benefits of the covenant we have with God is prosperity. It belongs to us.

And God has a system set in place for our prosperity to come. It’s called sowing and reaping.

The other day the Lord had led me to sow a seed. I had immediately written the check and placed it in an envelope and put it in my purse to mail. I knew that it was a seed God told me to sow and I knew it would produce a harvest. I began to call in the harvest of that seed. I did that for a few days.

About three days later, I was thinking about that seed and I realized I had changed purses and left that envelope in the side pocket, so I retrieved it and sent it off. As I was doing that I thought ‘well, the Lord would have surely honored that seed, He knew I wrote it out and got it ready and intended to send it, my heart was right.’ Then the Lord spoke to me and said ‘does a seed not planted produce anything?’

I realized I was off track and trying to justify my actions, a seed not planted produces nothing. If you have a dozen bags of seed and never plant them, it stands to reason that you will never have a harvest.

I have always found the process of giving and receiving to be very relevant in my own life. If God is trying to get something to me, He always has me to sow a seed before I see my harvest. I don’t know why and frankly I have not questioned it, I have just come to know it is a truth in my own life.

God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sows that and that only shall he reap. Years ago, actually about 20 years ago, I had a desire to work from home and have a job that worked entirely with the word of God, I simply wanted to be surrounded with the word of God daily. The Lord led me to sow a seed for that desire. In a short time, I was working from home, doing newsletters and things for other ministries that I knew at that time. That work eventually led to what I am doing today.

My point is; since I sowed that seed, I have only worked with the word of God, I have worked at nothing else since. When you sow a seed as God leads you to, it produces a great harvest.

One day I was walking through my yard and I picked up an acorn seed. The Lord said ‘what do you see?’ I said ‘I see a tree.’ I thought I was doing well since I saw a tree instead of a seed. However, the Lord answered me and said ‘most people see a tree, I SEE A FOREST!’

That is what I saw from the seed I sowed that day for my desire, a forest. That seed, so many years ago, has continued to produce a harvest for me for over 20 years. That my friend, is a mighty seed that continues to produce.

Today, each day, I sow into our readers. I sow the word of God in hope that someone will grab hold of it and begin to live the fullness of life that God has provided for them. In hope that the words God gives me will enable you to go farther in God and be more free in God.

As I sow into your lives each day, God honors me and continues to give me more revelation. That’s His system, that’s how it works.

I encourage you to study giving. To study the Bible for the sowing and reaping principles. If you find yourself in need of more finances, don’t try to labor until you drop, do it Gods way, begin to sow, knowing as you do, you will reap a harvest. God is truth, if He says you will reap, you will.

If you have seed in the ground already, then you have a right to place a demand on the word of God and command your harvest to come in, you are entitled to your harvest through the blood of Jesus, don’t let the enemy keep it back another day.

Seek the Lord today about giving. He desires to give you a great harvest, you simply need to get your seed in the ground and then begin to water it daily with the word of God, you will be amazed how quickly it will come in. I promise you that God wants you to prosper even more than you want to.

May the Lord of the harvest visit your home this day!