September Partner Letter

I sent out a writing at the beginning of this week about dreaming again. I was talking about trusting God to make your dreams come true again, those that you, through circumstances of life, have had to put on a shelf.file6151244762637

I truly believe that is what God is saying in this hour….dream again and dream big! It’s time to get out your dream boards and dream books and write down the dreams the Lord has given you and run with them, spiritually speaking. Run with them by speaking life into them once again. Run with them by sowing into them once again. Run with them by declaring His word over them once again, allow them to become more real to you than anything you see today in the natural.

I personally had some dreams I had laid aside, wondering if they were truly of God, or my own desires. God, Himself, reignited those dreams in me this past week – and they have been alive and growing ever since.

I never stopped believing in the goodness of God, however, through life and some circumstances, I think I was still viewing some things through the lens of disappointment and I was afraid to dream that big again. Now, friends, that is hard for me to admit because I thought I had dealt with all my fears and disappointments however, I found if you are afraid of dreaming, you still have some issues to deal with. I refuse to be afraid of dreaming BIG in God. I remember when I was first born again, I believed God could do anything, raise the dead, open blind eyes, give miraculous breakthroughs in finances…the funny thing is as I believed those things and was fully persuaded, I saw those things.

Life, in this world, has a way of dulling that belief and causing you to be more cautious in your faith – we are NOT of this world and we can’t afford to allow that to happen to us – we MUST dream again and we MUST believe again and we must do it big – GOD SIZED. It’s time for that.

A friend texted me and said ‘what are you sensing from God since August is past?’ I hesitated to respond and told her to give me a few days to mull over what I was sensing. She said ‘okay, here is what I am feeling…I just feel like I am expecting something to happen all the time, like looking out the window, waiting for someone or something to arrive.’

Her statement excited me because I had several instances of feeling that expectation come over me all of a sudden in the past few days….something IS coming and we are ready to receive it. We are dreaming Big and believing Big and we won’t settle for less than ALL God has for us.

This morning as I began my day God spoke something to me, for me and for you. He said the time of the avalanche of blessings has begun in our life – expect it. This is what my friend is feeling – the moving in the earth – the beginning of the avalanche!DSC00410

An avalanche is caused when a forces on the snow exceeds its strength, after initiation, avalanches usually accelerate rapidly and grow in mass and volume. That is what I am expecting for you and for me. God has released an avalanche of blessings on His people, those who are seeking Him, the Force of God exceeded the strength of the circumstance and as this avalanche moves it will become more and more rapid and grow in mass and volume – isn’t that exciting! Are you ready for an avalanche? I know I am – by faith I am declaring that what God has said to us will manifest in my life – I am declaring – According to YOUR word God, be it unto me and all our partners this month!

This month as you sow your BEST partner offering, sow it into your dream, the vision God has given you, launch out one more time and sow into that dream– sow into the Avalanche of Blessings that God is releasing on your behalf. That’s my plan.

I look forward to the avalanche – how about you?! Listen closely, can you hear it coming? Can you feel the shaking of the avalanche? Praise the Lord God Almighty!

Declare this with me – Father, I thank you for the avalanche of blessings that has been released on my behalf – I choose to believe this word – I choose to hope against hope – I choose to be fully persuaded this day – Avalanche of Blessings COME, NOW in Jesus name. Amen!

Father, this month as we sow into the Kingdom of God, we are expecting an avalanche of blessings to come into our household. We are in agreement with all partners and readers of A New Thing Ministries – expecting a corporate avalanche of blessings! We expect it and we thank you for it, in Jesus name. Amen and So Be It.