Shabbat is good. Such a simple statement, yet so very profound.

In the book of Genesis, we read where God created something and then declared ‘it was good.’

I decided to do a little word study this morning on the word good and found it meant; good, beneficial, appropriate, prosperous and bounty producing.

That is a good word. Each thing God created is beneficial, appropriate and prosperous. Can we not see the truth in this in the sun and the moon and the water upon the earth? Of course, we can. We all benefit from those things. They are good in God’s sight and good in ours.

I was listening to a minister talk about a conversation he had with God. He was asking God why he was weary and why things were going the way they were. God’s response to him was: “Shabbat is good.”

What was God saying? He was saying Shabbat is good for you, it is beneficial for you, it is appropriate, it breeds prosperity and will produce bounty.

This statement has been on my mind for several days.

Shabbat is the Jewish name for Sabbath. For most of us, Sabbath is celebrated on Sunday. We believe if we go to church on Sunday, we have properly celebrated Sabbath or Shabbat. We get dressed up, go to church, participate in praise and worship and go home and feel we have completed our weekly task. This is not what Shabbat was created for. It was never meant to be a ritual. It is much deeper than that.

Shabbat was created for man. That’s what Jesus said. If it was created for man, and it was, then apparently, in God’s eyes, man NEEDED Shabbat.
Shabbat is a time of rest. A time to stop laboring and reflect on God and His word and rest. It is a time to spend 24 hours focusing on God and His goodness. It does not begin at 10:30 on Sunday morning and end at noon on Sunday.

In the book, A Time to Prosper, Robert Heidler make some astounding statements, I want to share a few of them with you.
• Shabbat is foundational for gaining a mindset to prosper.
• The key to rest is found in the word of God, true rest begins with God’s gift of Sabbath.
• The true picture of Sabbath is a day of celebration, a day to turn the burdens of life over to God and enjoy His goodness.
• Sabbath honors God as creator.
• Sabbath is a celebration of God’s provision.
• Sabbath builds our faith.
• Sabbath releases God’s blessings.

There is much more in this book about Sabbath or Shabbat, but that is enough to get my point across. Sabbath rest is vital in the life of a believer who desires to prosper. True rest and true celebration of God is a must.

I shared with you that Jesus said Sabbath was made for man, this is true, He also said not to judge others in how they observe Sabbath. He means for us to continue to observe Sabbath, however, you may observe it different from me.

One thing I think is vital, is to be consistent in your time of rest in God. Set boundaries around that time and don’t allow anything to interfere with it – let it be the time for you and God or your family and God. A time to celebrate God and His goodness on a continual basis.

Most of us know that the Jewish day of Shabbat begins Friday at sundown. However, if that day will not work for you or your family, don’t let that stop you from observing and celebrating Sabbath. Take one day – a 24-hour span – to rest, focus on God and celebrate His goodness. Let it be a set-aside time, a sanctified time for you.

It is a good thing! Just as God has said.

Remember, when the minister I spoke of earlier sought God for a solution for his problem, God answered him and said, ‘Shabbat is good.’ Meaning, set aside time for Shabbat and observe it weekly.

One thing. It’s one thing we can do to bring His blessings into our life in a greater way. Just one thing; you can do it.

Take the time and celebrate Shabbat…for Shabbat is indeed, good.

Prayer for Today: Father, help me to honor you in every way. Teach me about Shabbat and how YOU see it. Help me to understand it’s importance to you and the secret blessings hidden in Shabbat. I desire to put You first and honor you in this area. Thank you for Shabbat. I agree, it is God and I will honor You in it. In Jesus name. Amen.