Yesterday I shared a writing by someone, today I am sharing a prophetic word from Chuck Pierce ministry.   Before you read this word, I want to share my thoughts. 

I do not believe one can live from prophetic word to prophetic word – I firmly believe we MUST have a solid foundation in the word of God to keep us steady day by day.  I believe even if we receive a God-given prophetic word, if we do not have a firm foundation of the word of God and a relationship with Him, it will be difficult to stand in faith and see that word fulfilled.  I’ve seen many become discouraged and give up because of this.

For this reason, I do not look for prophetic words.  When God wants me to see a particular word, it inevitably comes across my desk in some way.  As it was with this one.  There were several things in this word that gave me insight…I hope it is a blessing to you today.

“My hand is pushing you forward with a sustained, strength-filled push. There is a veil between the answer to your prayers – where I want you to be – and where you are standing. The enemy is working overtime to trick your mind into believing this veil is real and impenetrable. If you listen to him, this will block you from the place I desire you to be. Open your eyes and see the ‘beyond’ part of where I want you to stand. The veil seems more real than the place I am calling you so become louder than the veil. Let your voice be louder, and let your will be louder! If you knew that deliverance for the righteous comes when everything begins to shake, you would begin to cry out for the shaking to begin! I am the one who causes thunder. The rumbling begins with Me! It’s time for you to feel the rumbling. Do not fear the rumbling. Do not fear the shaking because within them is your deliverance. I will shake everything down until the double comes.

“That warfare that has tried to surround you, detain you, stop you from advancing and cause you to say, ‘I am discouraged’…that warfare is what I’m shaking all around you! I’ll shake you up and I’ll shake it down! That shaking that’s been going on around you is for Me to bring you into a new portion. Your latter will be greater than your former! I will shake everything down until the double comes. I will shake your resistance down and shake you up. Though you have lost your joy in the midst of the war, I am shaking, shaking, shaking until joy can rise up again. Because you lost your strength to fight in days ahead, I’ll shake loose new joy so new strength will arise! New joy will run down over you like a river. Some have lost their child-like faith in the midst of what’s surrounded them, but you’re going to stand and say, ‘Today is like a holiday celebration again!’ I am beginning to rejoice for I am shaking new gifts loose in you. Your gifts will cause all to profit.

“The war around you has caused fear to enter deep within you. This caused you to step and shrink back, causing my hand of pleasure to be lifted from you. Therefore, step in — one step, two steps, three steps, move – and you will see my pleasure resting on you again. I have an act of faith for you. When you obey, the warfare will end and the curtain will tear, and you will see that I have enlarged you to prosper in a new way. Step, step, step again. I am waiting for you!

“Keep your eyes on me. You have so many cares around you that I am having to shake them loose. You’ve lost sight of what I’m trying to do. I am shaking you in the midst of the sorrow and distress that you have experienced. You have lost sight of the overall picture. Keep your eyes on Me because there’s a shout of grace that will arise again! Though the demonic has roared at you, I am a God that roars louder! If you will rise up, let that triumphant roar rise out of you, and send back a roar to the enemy’s camp, you will see the plunder that has been robbed from you! Roar and roar again as you go forth today! I am shaking the heavens with thunder, but that same thunder is moving in you! Let the sound of the thunder of Heaven rise up and cause the storm around you to be overtaken by the sound and power that is within you!

“Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered into your heart what I have prepared for you! For in this time of shaking, I’m shaking off blinders…blinders that have kept you from seeing what I see. Blinders that have kept you from experiencing what I have for you. This is a time when I’m shaking off the blinders. I’m going to cause you to see from a different perspective! Come up here! Come up here because I’m going to show you what must be! I’m going to show you the plans and the purposes that I have planned for you!

“I will bring you out of the muck and the mire, and I will cause your feet to stand on higher ground! In that place, you will gain fresh revelation for what has tried to hinder you and what has tried to hold you in an old place. The time is now for you to come out of the old and into a new place. I’m shaking loose the blinders and I’m positioning you in a new place. I’m positioning you far above principalities and powers so you can see from My perspective! In that place you will gain new vision, new strength, and new hope. Out of the old and into the new, as I shake loose the blinders!

“I am the God of War and I’ve come to make war and to win war. You come from My place of victory! I’m shaking up things so that the ‘no namers’ can now come up. I’m calling up those who have a heart to fight and not quit! As with David when he was anointed king and the Philistines came up against him, he had perpetual breakthrough. I declare that when one breakthrough comes, there’s another door behind it. I am the God of perpetual breakthrough! I am the God of War and I am undefeated on every single turn. I have come to deliver. Your shield is great and your sword is sharp. Move forward with me!

“I am the God of War. I orchestrate it, and I set in place those that I need! All I need you to do is hear Me and move into the rhythm of my cadence! I am in the process of digging. You think the dirt’s been kicked in on you. But look up from where you are with the dirt piled on top of you and say, ‘Sunday is coming! Resurrection is in my bones and my bones are shaking!’

“A cheerful heart is as good medicine but a broken spirit is rotten to the bone! Today is a day that I am bringing you from hurt to health if you will only step forward to receive. Do you think the Teton Mountains are immoveable? I could breathe on them and blow them away like dust. I’ve called you to a series of assignments and I will level every obstacle in your way. That doesn’t mean you won’t have resistance, but listen closely and walk with Me and you’ll see victories that you and all of those around you never imagined possible. These are those days when I will amaze the world with a demonstration of power and glory that has not been seen before.”


Meditate on this:

But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.  1 Cor. 15:57

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