Sharing a Fresh Word



This morning I want to share a word by Nate Johnson – Kelita sent it to me and I really believe it will speak to some of you – perhaps, all of you…. Blessings!

Last night I dreamt that I as watching a showdown take place between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light in an arena.

I suddenly felt the urge to step in to help when I heard “the battle belongs to the Lord!”  and then woke up.

I felt like this was the Lord showing us that right now that:

– He is fighting our greatest fights

– That He is bringing closure to the battle we have been waging for a long time

– And that we need to step out of the way to let Him bring the victory

It’s knowing when it’s our time to wield the sword and when it’s a moment to let God make the heavy blows for us.

I believe right it it’s a “Watch the deliverance of the Lord’ moment.

I believe it’s an “After having done everything to stand, stand” moment.

I believe it’s God saying to get out of the driver seat and let Him drive.  We have been so obsessed with ensuring the victory because we can see the finish line more closer than ever before, but it will be God that crosses the line in the last round not us.

Our greatest weapon right now is RESTING in what God has said.

There is a time to hustle and fight and there’s a time to hold and stand and now it’s time to fight by leaning into the yoke of the Lord.

Right now, it’s a time to REST & REMEMBER.

The Lord is asking you; “What did I say? What did I promise? Where did I say I would lead you?”

Dig out your old prophetic words and be refreshed by them.  Hold them up and dust them off.

There are promises you have dropped that you need to get before your eyes right now and into your heart again.

There are dreams you have had that God wants you to remember.

There are mountains you have moved, giants that you have seen defeated, and obstacles you have overcome that you need to remember right now.

Your faith has taken a beating and your hope has been down to it’s last, but this is where God takes the baton from you and runs…

Because it looks impossible and you have tried and given your all to shift the tide against you to no avail, but this isn’t your lap, and this is no longer your fight.

This is where you see the power and providence of God in your life move and begin to powerfully realign things that have been out of alignment.

This is where God turns the hearts of Kings, breaks through shut doors, and secures the victory.

And this is where you let HIM do it.

I believe that God has the key for the problem you have been facing and a solution you won’t see coming.

There is a finality about to be announced over that long and delayed complication and in a moment, God will untie the knots and unravel the cord.

And there is extreme vindication in this moment and it’s going to be good for your heart to see it.

This is where God finishes the match and brings back the spoils of everything that was lost and stolen.

So, mighty one, don’t retreat, don’t stand down, but step aside and see the DELIVERANCE of the Lord! (Nate Johnson)



Appoint My Days

You take hold of my right hand and say to me, do not fear, You will help me!  Thank You Father for sustaining me!  When I pass through the waters, I will not go under.  When I walk through the fire, I will not be burned.  I will come through in triumphant victory!

Isaiah 43:2 and 2 Cor 2:14