‘Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign.’ This song has been stuck in my head for days.

Remember in the days of Abraham, when God told Abraham that He would give Him a son of promise? God showed Abraham the stars and the sand and told him these were the signs of how many children he would have. Every day when Abraham saw the sand, he saw sons and grandsons and granddaughters. Each night when he saw the stars, he saw the immeasurable amount of people that would be in his lineage.

God had given him signs. These signs gave Abraham hope each time he looked at them.

Later, in the Bible we see that Jacob understood the ways of God through his father, the ones God had showed Abraham and the one his own father showed him. He knew that what we ‘see’ makes an impact on what is birthed in our life.

Therefore, when Jacob needed spotted animals to be born, he placed spotted sticks in front of the place where they would be and when they conceived they gave birth to spotted animals. They gave birth to exactly what they had been seeing. I know we talked about this recently, but bear with me.

So, my first question to you today is ‘what are you seeing?’ Are you observing the negative? Are you only ‘seeing’ what is going on in the natural? Or you are seeing through eyes of the Spirit and seeing what God says your outcome will be?

I was thinking about this last night and thinking about what Ezekiel said when looking at the dry, dead bones. God said, ‘what do you see?’ And he replied ‘dry, dead bones.’ He was not seeing through Kingdom eyes. God saw an army, Ezekiel saw dry, dead bones.

On the cross, most people saw a man being killed and dying. Jesus saw a Kingdom way to reconcile man back to God. The Bible says He endured the cross for the joy set before Him. He didn’t see the cross, He saw the joy set before Him. He saw you and your redemption.

What do you see today?

Just as with Abraham and Jacob, God gives us signs. He gives us something to look at; it may be a scripture that comes up repeatedly. It may be a license plate that always causes your spirit to bear witness with what you are seeing. It may be a rainbow reminding you of God’s covenant with you. It may be a road sign that reads, ‘Way maker.’

Whatever it is, I have found that God is faithful to give us signs all along the way, especially when we are being tempted to doubt what God has promised us. Don’t take those signs lightly. They are from God and they are literally the hope set before you, reminding you of His promise.

Friends, if you are looking at the negative today, choose to look at something else, choose to see something else. Perhaps your child is being unruly and disobedient, see them in a different light. Choose to see them through the eyes of faith. Perhaps your bills are stacked up and you don’t know what to do, see them paid in full, at least with the eyes of your spirit.

God has a sign for you, a hope for you, look for it and choose to see it today instead of the negative things in your life. He has a good plan for you and a good future, can you see it?

Prayer for today:
Father, I thank you for the signs of promise you give me. I open my eyes to see every sign and walk in your ways, in Jesus name. Amen.