From the Archives….

I read a story about a minister today, a well-known minister. He talked about a time in his life where he loved his ministry more than his God. He said during that time, his ministry began to falter. He said that God begin to close doors and windows and nothing was going right in his ministry – no matter how hard he tried.

He then made a very wise decision, he spent the next three months doing nothing but seeking God. At the end of those three months God spoke and said ‘take this ministry to the four corners of the earth, for you have pleased me.’

As I read this story it took me back to a time in my life where I did nothing but seek God. I spent days in His presence, I really don’t know how I got there – He drew me to that place. For a few weeks, every few nights, He would wake me up in the middle of the night and speak to me saying ‘come, worship Me.’

I would get up and get on my knees and worship God, singing to Him until He said ‘that’s enough.’ Then I would go back to sleep. This went on for some time.

After that season of worshipping and spending time in His presence, He poured out blessings on me that I couldn’t contain. Like the minister I read about today, I had pleased the Lord and once I did, my reward was great.

There is something that happens when we make ourselves irresistible to God. I knew during that time in my life that I had pleased God to such a degree that He said ‘bless my daughter, pour out every blessing available to her.’ And I walked in those blessings for several years.

The minister I spoke of did the same thing, he sought God, he pursued God to the degree that he totally pleased the heart of the Father and the windows of heaven opened over him.

Have you ever set aside a time or season to do nothing but seek God? I know you have to work and you may have family – but I mean during your extra time, your tv time, your sports time, your ‘me’ time, during those times, have you ever considered setting aside a time or season to do nothing but worship God or seek the face of God?

It’s not that hard, really! Turn off the television – most people get home from work, turn on the television and watch it for at least 3 hours – what do you have at the end of that time? Perhaps it relaxes you, I will give you that. But can you imagine what would be gained in your life if you spent that three hours with God instead?

Many of us are so guilty of going about life without setting aside time for God until we have an emergency and then we want Him to show up as soon as we cry out to Him. Wouldn’t it be easier if we lived our life in such a way that we were in His presence all the time?

If you want to see God to big things in your life, please Him. Spend time with Him. Take a few hours a week and spend it with God, talking to Him, praying, studying His word and then taking the time to listen for Him to speak to you. He desires that more than you can imagine…He is waiting for you – will you come? Make yourself simply irresistible to God!window