……I have, in times past, made myself – literally forced myself to praise God when I didn’t feel like praising and you know what? He always brought me through with peace. He always brought me out on the other side. I don’t know how things would have turned out if I had not chosen to praise Him in the midst of it.

You see, we are people of faith. Our true character only shows in the heat of battle. God’s people in the Old Testament didn’t run from battle, they praised Him in the midst of it. They didn’t run from famine, they gave and sowed in the midst of it. They didn’t run from mountains that stood in their way – they conquered them. So it must also be with us.

Whatever you are going through – praise God. Don’t allow the enemy to take your hope, your joy, your faith or your praise. Hold on to it with all you have within you and believe me – there is more in you than you realize. The Greater One is in you and nothing can change that, if you don’t allow it to. Stand firm in your faith. Hold fast to your hope. Live in the joy of the Lord and whatever you do – praise Him – DON”T LET THE DEVIL HAVE YOUR PRAISE. Praise God and watch what He does for you.

sunset victory