You brought us out to rich fulfillment. Psalm 66:12

This term, rich fulfillment is translated from a Hebrew word, revayah, meaning total satisfaction – it comes from a root word meaning ‘quench the thirst’ or ‘to abundantly satisfy.’

David was talking about all the difficult circumstances that were coming against him and how God brought him through every single one of them. He talks about how the enemy tried to enslave them and overcome them with fire and flood, but then he goes on to say how gracious the Lord is. David held onto the promises of God and God was faithful to fulfill every single one of them. God gave them the courage to endure and then rewarded them with total satisfaction.

In Psalm 23:5 where David declares about the blessings of the Lord, ‘my cup runneth over.’ The word ‘runneth over’ is the same word as ‘rich fulfillment.’ What does this mean for us? Never give up. What you may be going through right now can’t even compare to what God has for you on the other side of this season. He will bring you out into a wealthy place, every time. The enemy wants you to quit because he knows that’s the only way he can keep your blessing from you. Jesus wants you to persevere, to move past this place and into the place of rich fulfillment, the place of abundant satisfaction. Hang in there, don’t quit – it will be worth it all – that’s a promise.
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