I had a strange morning this week.  On my way to work I could sense God prompting me to pray about a situation I had prayed about for years.

In frustration I said, “God, I don’t know anything else to pray, I have prayed everything I know to pray. Holy Spirit show me how to pray and I will pray.” Immediately I heard the Lord say, “You shall decree a thing.”

I began to decree what I wanted to see happen. As I went on to the office, the Lord reminded me of a scripture found in Numbers 21. It says, “Spring up o well. Sing to it.”

I didn’t quite know all God was telling me, but I took a few minutes and looked up this scripture.

The words, spring up, means to ascend or shoot forth. The word, well, surprised me a bit, it comes from a root word which means to make plain, to declare, and to make clear like letters on a tablet. The word, sing, means to answer, to testify, and to dwell.

I was a little surprised that this scripture went along with what He had already said when He told me to declare a thing. God was telling me to sing over some things – to call them to spring up.  He was instructing me to declare it and make it plain – to testify of what I wanted to see happen. Then He led me to another verse.

He led me to John 7:38. It says, “He that believes in me, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”

We are all familiar with this scripture, but have you studied the meaning of these words? I know I have not and was again surprised at their meaning.

First of all the word, belly means the place where conception takes place and where the fetus is nourished until the time of birth, and the innermost part of man.

The words, shall flow, means to move or run with unbroken continuity. Rivers means floods but also means to receive into the soul what serves to refresh and strengthen and to nourish to live eternally. Living means not lifeless, blessed, endless in the Kingdom of God, living water having vital power in itself and exerting the same power upon the soul.

So, what is God saying? I believe He is saying as we declare a thing, and we sing over our situation, we will cause the manifestation to come forth.

God is telling us what flows out of us is powerful, full of life and is endless, unlimited in the Kingdom of God. There is a place that conceives, it is our belly, our innermost being – it is the place where things are kept safe until they are born.  Those things are born out of the words that come out of our mouth.  They are conceived by what we speak, or what flows continually out of our mouth.

What is flowing out of your mouth? What is being conceived in your belly? Whatever is flowing out of you is alive and full of power! Do you know that those words are producing something…either good or bad…depending on what is flowing out of you?

I encourage you today to begin to declare a thing. I encourage you to sing to your situation – sing to the well of healing and call it to spring forth. Sing to your checkbook and tell the abundance of God to spring forth. Sing to your home and command restoration to spring forth. Sing to your children and call salvation to spring forth. Whatever your need is…sing to that well and call it to spring forth.

You are full of life and vital power, it is near you…in your mouth…let that living water flow out of you today.   Let that life flow out of you today. I am convinced that as you do, you will see wells springing forth all around you.

Today, I am singing over you, singing over our partners and their family. I am singing over your business and ministry – I am testifying of all the wonderful things God is doing RIGHT NOW in your life…I am singing…won’t you sing with me? Spring up o well! Spring UP!




Meditate on this!


I will pray with my spirit, but I will also pray with my understanding; I will sing with my spirit, but I will also sing with my understanding. 1 Cor. 14:15

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