Have you ever noticed that many times people go through the same things over and over again?   I remember a few years back,  I walked through a tremendous battle, just one year later, I found myself going through the exact same battle.  The battle  lasted several months.  I became tired and weary of the fight while well-meaning people kept telling me to ‘let go and let God have it.’  I am certain that would be great advice in some situations, but what I have learned from my own situation and from the word of God is this; you must be led by the Holy Spirit, that is the only way you will rightly discern when to hold on and when to let go.

Our God is gracious and long suffering but also determined to get us where we need to be and He will not stop until we arrive at our destiny.  If we become weary, He will often send relief, but that relief may not be ultimate deliverance.  Let me explain; that year on a particular day when I felt I couldn’t fight anymore, I declared ‘God, I quit.  I give, for me its over.’  It was how I felt, even in the deepest part of my heart.  However, God had a destiny for me and in His mercy; He brought enough relief that very day to get me back on my feet.  Sounds good, right?  Well, it was good for a short period of time.  The problem was I did not fully complete that season and would ultimately go through that same battle again, until I defeated my enemy or enforced the defeat that was already completed at the cross.

In book of Exodus, chapter 1, the children of Israel were delivered by the mighty hand of God, yet when they looked behind them the Egyptians were coming after them. Their intention was to bring the children of Israel back under bondage.  What were the children of Israel’s responses?  They became afraid,  cried out to Moses and complained that he had brought them here to die.  They said it would have been better if they had simply stayed where they were, under bondage.  Moses replied ‘don’t be afraid, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord today.’  I know we all know this story, but there is one nugget that I don’t want you to miss today.  Moses said ‘for this enemy that you see today, you shall see no more forever.’

Do not be afraid.  Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today.  For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever.  The Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace.  Exodus 14:13-14

There is a battle we fight that when we come through it, whatever enemy we were facing, the Bible declares that you will never see him again.  You see, that first year, when I went through that same battle, I did not stand firm, I did for a long time, but when I could see no way out, I quit.  Just like the children of Israel wanted to do.  Yet Moses told them if they would stand firm, stand still, they would do two things, see God’s salvation that day and never, ever see that same enemy again.  Wow!  That is great news.  If you can stand firm when you look ahead and there is no way out and you look behind and the enemy is on your tail, if you can stand firm in this place, you are promised that you will see this enemy no more.

Have there been enemies in your life that it seems you have fought over and over again.  Have you wondered why you have to keep going through the same old battles?  Let me ask you this; did you stand firm?  Or did you give up.  God may bring relief, but you may go through the same battle again until you overcome.  That is simply the way it is with God, you go through the test until you pass.  The good news is if you stand firm until the very end, God will bring salvation and He will utterly destroy your enemy and you will never, ever see that same enemy again.

The children of Israel stood before the Red Sea, with no way out and the enemy at their backs, God delivered them and they saw that enemy no more, He will do the same thing for you that He did for them.

I don’t know what Red Sea experience you are standing at today and I don’t know what enemy is pursuing you as it appears you have no way out.  But this I do know, God says ‘Go forward!’  Often times we think that there is simply no way to move forward but if He says move forward, there is a way.  It may be an act of your faith.  He may have told you to believe Him for healing and the doctors reports are saying that you are not healed.  Keep confessing, keep believing, keep declaring your healing.  He may have told you to start your own business, but the money isn’t there to do it.  Move forward, set up your office, get everything ready as if the money were coming today.  He may have told you to stand firm on the word of God in a situation and it looks like it is time to quit.  Don’t quit, move forward in your faith.  Keep saying only what God says regardless of how it looks.

I imagine it looked over for Daniel in the lion’s den.  It surely looked over for Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego when they went walking into a furnace of fire.  It looked over for King David many times.  It even looked over for Jesus.  But it is never over until God says it is over.  He will have the final say.  I know you may be weary and ready to throw in the towel, don’t do it.  Stand still, hold your peace and see the salvation of the Lord and know this; this enemy you shall see no more.  Once he is utterly defeated in your life, he is utterly defeated.  The truth is he was already utterly defeated at the cross; you only need to enforce that victory.

The children of Israel never saw the Egyptians again.  David never saw Goliath again.  The Hebrew children never entered into another fire.  When it’s over, it’s over.  But you have to stand and continue to stand until you see that enemy destroyed before your face.  Tell your enemy today ‘I am not backing up, I am standing still and I WILL see the salvation of my Lord, and you will be annihilated before my face this very day.’  Continue to say it and you will surely see it.  The Bible says this affliction shall not arise a second time, you have God’s word on it.

Looking back on those two battles, I can say this.  The first time, I fought the best I could, but I grew weary and quit at the Red Sea and God, in His mercy, sent relief.  The second time I went through that same battle, I stood firm on His word all the way to the end.  I stood firm on His word when it looked so over – so dead – so beyond repair that I looked silly to keep standing – yet I stood.  This time, God didn’t bring relief – He brought deliverance.  I stood firm before my enemy and God caused me to overcome, to enforce the victory that was mine at the cross.  That’s God’s promise to me and it is His promise to you!

“Remind yourself of His faithfulness” – KP

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