A friend shared a story with me, a true story, that pierced my heart and opened a door for God to speak to me concerning this incredible story, I want to share it with you today.349e37ac8d3bedfde91721a7a5ea4954

She spoke of a young girl, high school age. This young girl was not popular or beautiful but she had a heart after Jesus. Much to her surprise when prom time came around, she was asked to be the date of one of the popular boys. She was excited.

She took the time to look her very best for this wonderful date. She was excited about attending the prom with a date, it was something she never dreamed possible.

At the prom, her date took her for a walk to a bridge in a city near us, a beautiful bridge with an awesome view. It was here that she asked the boy ‘do you want to dance.’ His response was a shock. He replied ‘no, I don’t want to dance, I only invited you to the prom because it was a dare from my friends. You are the ugliest and least desirable girl in school, I’m going back to the prom now to be with my girlfriend.’

Oh my goodness, how hurtful those words must have been. What a defining moment in this young girl’s life. As the girl shared her story with a friend, the friend asked ‘what did you do? Did you leave? Did you go home alone? Did you run away?’ ‘No’ the young girl replied ‘Jesus and I danced on that bridge all night.’

At a time that was devastating to her, she chose life. She chose instead of running away and nursing her wounds, to pick herself up, dust herself off and begin to dance with the true lover of her soul. The one who never rejected her. The one who called her His own. The one who knew she was wonderfully and beautifully made. It was a true defining moment in her life. And in the midst of it, she decided to make it HER moment.

These days this young girl is a missionary in another country, and she always signs her letters to her friend….Still Dancing.

I just love that story. However, it made me think. Do I choose to dance with life throws me a curve? Do I choose to keep worshipping God when things don’t go my way? Or do I grumble a bit, become frustrated a bit, get mad a God a bit for allowing it to happen or do I continue to give thanks to the one who never leaves me nor forsakes me?

This story takes me back to the time my Dad died of cancer. We buried my Dad on a Saturday and the last thing I wanted to do was go to church the next day. You see, I was doing everything I could to hold myself together and I didn’t want people asking me how I was or hugging me, I knew it would cause me to break down.

However, the next morning when I woke up God said ‘I want you to go to church today.’ I said ‘ah God, not today.’ But He was insistent. I dressed and drove to the church, I arrived late so no one would stop me and talk to me. I sat at the back of the church, again, to avoid well-meaning people.’

As praise and worship began to flow through the church, God spoke clearly to me and said ‘am I still God?’ I replied ‘of course you are.’ He said ‘but am I still YOUR God?’ Through tears I said ‘yes, you are still MY GOD.’ He said ‘then go up to the front of the church and dance before me. ‘

My heart was breaking at that moment and I replied ‘God, I can’t do that, not today.’ He said ‘If I am still your God, go up front and dance before me.’ I slipped slowly out of the aisle and made my way to the front, all eyes were on me because most of them had been at the funeral and I knew they thought I was coming up for prayer. Much to their surprise, as I reached the front, I began to dance before the Lord. As I did, every bit and I do mean, every single bit, of grief broke off me. That day all grieving for my Dad left and I never grieved for him again. I missed him, I still do, I think of him often, but grief did not get a hold on me.

A couple years later, Jesse, my younger brother passed away. It was so sudden and devastating that I did not remember the lesson God had taught me with my dad. Grief got a strong hold of me and it took me months to get it off.

Today I am reminded of the power of dancing before the Lord in the moment of devastation. Not months after, once you have healed, but in the very moment when the pain is most raw. It truly does break things off you, I am living proof of that truth.

I don’t know what you may be facing today, it may be devastation or depression or simple disappointment, whatever it is, take a few moments and praise God. Take some time and dance before the Lord with all your might, show Him you trust Him right in the midst of it. As you do, He will show you how big your God really is. To God be all the glory!