Moreover, David was greatly distressed because the people spoke of stoning him, for all the people were embittered, each one because of his sons and his daughters. But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God. 1 Samuel 30:6

I sat at my desk this morning, praying today would be easier than the day before.

The day before, it seemed one thing after another went wrong. I worked diligently to try to get everything working right. Yet, at days end, I left with very little accomplished. That is hard for me. What I start, I finish.

There was nothing I could do but go home at days end. I could have arrived home, went to bed and covered my head. It was that bad. But I didn’t.
When I walked into my house, worship music greeted me. Ahhh…

I began to listen to worship music. I lifted my arms in worship. I listened to preaching for a while. Then I worshiped more. I began to feel the stress of the day fade away. I prayed in the spirit for a while. Read my Bible for a while. Then I worshipped some more.

I didn’t think a lot about it until this morning. As I sat at my desk thinking “God, please let today be better.” He began to show me what I did yesterday. He began to talk to me about how I had strengthened myself in the Lord my God.

Because I strengthened myself in the Lord, I was able to come into work with a new hope and a fresh start. I was empowered to continue to press forward.

Just like David did.

David was in a hard place. His wife, kids and all his possessions had been stolen. Not only that, but the families and possession of all his men were gone as well. And the men were ready to stone him.

They had followed the man of God, God’s chosen, and they had lost everything. They were beyond livid!

However, David didn’t react to his despair. He didn’t react to their anger. He didn’t even react to their threats. He chose to instead, strengthen himself in the Lord.

You see when we react to what the enemy is doing, we go downhill fast. We will become discouraged, disappointed and bitter. God cannot work in that atmosphere.

However, when we strengthen ourselves in the Lord, we create an atmosphere God can work in. In that place of seeking God, he speaks to us and gives us direction. He alone can deliver us. Therefore, it’s vital we seek his face amid the turmoil.

You know the old saying “don’t go to bed angry?” I say, “don’t go to bed discouraged.” Change your mind. Change your thinking. Get your mind off the stress of the day and back on God. As you do, you will change the atmosphere around you. He promises to keep us in perfect peace as our mind is stayed upon him. Keep your mind on him.

We all have bad days. We all become discouraged. We all deal with daily issues that can be unpleasant. But we do not have to remain there. We can strengthen ourselves in the Lord and come out of that place. We can rise above it. We can get back into a place of worship and praise.

It is in that place that God can speak. It is in that place his peace comes. And it is in that place, deliverance comes.

“Wondering is wavering, wavering is doubt, and doubt is sin – wondering will lead you down a road you don’t want to go.” KP

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