Today, let’s pray –

Father, I see what the enemy is trying to do in this season and I expose him for what he is. He is a liar and the father of lies. We have overcome. Our breakthroughs have come. Satan, we serve notice on you today – we are not under pressure – pressure is under us – you are under our feet and there you will remain all the days of our life. We declare this day, God, that we are steadfast, immovable. We declare that our faith is strong and immovable – we will not move until we see the manifestation of your promise and we will not let go until you bless us. Father, I ask you that you give us a new and powerful boldness to speak your word – to declare your unfailing word in the midst of every pressure. I ask you to anoint us, all of us, to go forth like a mighty army and enforce the destruction of the enemy that Jesus completed at the cross – may his attempts at attacks in our lives be stopped every single time. May victory reign in your people who are standing in faith for their manifestations. I declare that victory reigns for every one of our readers today Lord. I declare that you are indeed doing new things in their life and they will begin to see the fullness of those things even this hour. Father, I release your angels to go forth and enforce and bring to fruition these words, in Jesus name. So Be It.