Prayer for Restoration of what has been stolen!!!!!

Father God, today we come before you and thank You for Your word which sets us up for victory in all situations.  Righteous Judge, we have come to plead our case.  In the word of God, we see that in Proverbs 6:31 we see that if a thief be caught he must repay seven-fold.  We have caught a thief, and we refuse to be stolen from any longer.

Therefore, we draw a bloodline around our families and our possessions. 

Just as Shammah set the precedent in 2 Samuel and stood in the middle of his lentil patch while others fled in fear….he stood in the middle of his harvest, defended it and God gave him great victory…

Today, we stand in the middle of our harvest of health and healing and defend it and proclaim that God has given us great victory! This day, we plead the blood of Jesus over, in and around our physical bodies and we say ENOUGH is ENOUGH

We stand in the middle of our financial field of harvest and we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We take back our monies, our bonuses, our extra cash flow, our increase!  And for any losses of monies, we remind you of Your word, this thief is found and must restore 7 fold!  The blood of Jesus demands it to be so!

We stand in the middle of our families, our children, parents, siblings, relatives and we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Acts 16:31 says our household will be saved!  We are not leaving anyone behind.  If they are related to me, they are marked for the Kingdom of God.  Angels go and minister to them!  Bring laborers across their paths!  We claim our children and our families, for the kingdom of God.  The Blood of Jesus cries out for them!

We stand in the middle of our neighborhood, city, state and nation and we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  This land was founded to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We plead the blood of Jesus over this nation over our state and our city and we declare this is OUR land, this is GOD’s land and this is our field of harvest, we will not give it over to any enemy – we stand firm and believe God is bringing great victory to our land.  May the presence of God move into our cities, our states and our nation and drive out everything that is not of God. 

We stand collectively as a body of believers and we stand on the promises of the eternal word of God and covered by the blood of Jesus.  Be it known this day, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and we expect our stuff returned with interest!  Angels – go and begin to gather provision for us and Holy Spirit, show us where and how to harvest what is due us.  We will not be swayed by giants in the land, for if they are in OUR land they are our bread and the defeat is already in them.  Give us the strength, courage and wisdom to move forward!  Give us the strength to stand and defend our fields!

This we pray in Jesus name. Amen.