Do you have people in your life who are valuable to you?  Who help you in some way?  If so, honor them.  Those who take care of your children while you work…they are valuable, honor them.  Those who work for you, honor them.  Those whom you work for…honor them for the value they bring to your life.

Those who stay in the word of God diligently to bring you a word each week, what great value that is!  Honor them, let them know how much it means to you.

And do not forget your mother and father, honor them today, so that your life will be long and things will go well with you, as you enter into the promises God has for you, as you enter into YOUR promised land. 

Lift up those who are valuable to you.  Encourage them.  Honor them, value them and then demonstrate it by your actions.  Today, make it an point to…outdo one another with acts of honor.