1 Timothy 1:18 says we are to war with prophetic words.  It works the same with the God breathed word of God, we must take it and make spiritual war.  In doing so, we enforce the promises of God in our life.

We see all throughout the New Testament that contending for the promises of God is something we must do.  We can’t simply sit on the side line and say, “Well, I wish it would happen for me.”  No!  That will not work.

We take the word of God and fight the good fight of faith.  We stand on it and refuse to be moved off it until we see the promise manifest before our eyes.

I can pray for you, but no one can enforce the word of God in your life like you can.  You have so much power, so so much!  His word, in your mouth is filled with power.  When you declare HIS word over your situation, and refuse to move off it, things will change.  The problem is most people grow weary and give up.  NEVER GIVE UP.

The promise of God in Christ are yes and amen.  Yes, and so be it.  It is His promise to you.

So how do we do this?  How do we contend?

We dig into the word of God and find promises that cover what we need to happen.  If we need healing, we find healing scriptures.  If we need prosperity, we find scriptures on prosperity.  If we need salvation for our family, we find scriptures that cover that.  Then we take those words and every time the enemy rears his ugly head, we stand toe to toe with him and tell him what the word of God says.  We enforce the word the same way Jesus did in the wilderness.  We declare, “it is written.”

God’s word will never return void.  It will accomplish what it is sent for – however – if you are not sending it – it cannot prosper.  It’s time to send the word into the realm of the enemy and enforce the promises of God in our life – don’t you agree?

If it is not enforced, it may as well not be a promise at all.  Think about that.  Refuse to allow the promises of God to pass you by.  Enforce His word in your life and see the promises of God manifest in your life….starting now.