Have you ever gone through a time when you felt you just couldn’t pick yourself up?

Where you felt like you were no longer yourself?  I know I have!  This word from God takes care of all that!

God will restore your soul AND His word will continually keep you restored, if you allow it to.  If you feed on His word.

God’s word is perfect!  It will continually convert, deliver, bring you home again to a place of fully relying on God.  It will recompense you and cause you to recover.  Oh, how I love that word!

My friends, there is nothing God cannot do.  He will restore every broken soul.  He will restore our minds.  His word will keep us walking in a place of rest in our soul, in our thoughts.  Everything we have need of is covered in the blood of Jesus and the word of God.  It’s up to us to partake of it.

My prayer for you today is a restored soul.  May you walk in a place of continual peace and rest in your mind, your will and your emotions.  In your restored soul.