Sunday Selah

A week or so ago, God was talking to me about fear – how the church as a whole has fear.

It seems to be everywhere – people are afraid of the economy. People are afraid they won’t have enough money. People are afraid of the flu virus. Many, many people can’t sleep at night because of fear, worry or anxiety.

Fear is the opposite of faith – but not only that – fear is a sin. It’s not something we should tolerate or even play around with. Fear is a sin – the Bible says that anything that is not faith is sin. It is the enemy’s job to try to bring fear into your life.

He will attempt to cause you to fear for your income, for your children, for your future – but you can’t buy into His lies. Whatever God says about your income, your children and your future – that is what will be IF you agree with God.

There is no reason to fear in God. IF you truly trust God, you know that He will never fail you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He has your back. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. If you know God then you will know that whatever you are standing against right now, it may be sent (by the enemy) for your harm, but GOD will turn it for your good if you stay in faith and continue to trust Him.

I want to remind you today that someone has your back. Someone is backing up every word you speak to the enemy. Someone will not allow that weapon formed against you to prosper – there is no need to fear – every enemy will be driven out of your life if you continue to stand and trust God – He is with you.

Please don’t think fear and worry are harmless or ‘just a part of life’ that is a lie from the devil. Fear/ worry – it is a sin, and God can’t work in that arena – but FAITH – oh, it will bring forth all you have need of. There is no need to fear – God is with you. Remember that today.

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