From the Archives….
When Jesus went to the cross and died in my place, He opened the way for me to walk in many blessings, like health & healing, prosperity, peace, long-life, restored relationships and much more. Those are things I have a right to, things that belong to me if I choose to receive them.

However, they don’t always come easily – the Bible says there are some things we must take by force. Why, you may ask? If Jesus paid for them, why can’t I just have them?

There is an enemy in this world, one who wants you to think he has power – he doesn’t want you to realize that power was stripped at the cross, so he will bring little things and big things into your life to try to make you think that things are not the way the word of God says they are, at least not for you. He will try to change your perspective and cause you to look at things in a whole different light, if you ever come into agreement with him, you open the door to him. You know that old saying ‘if you give the devil a ride, he will want to drive’ or ‘give him an inch and he will take a mile.’ Both these are true.

The enemy knows that unless you open the door to him, he can’t come in. But…if you will just crack the door, he will come in and bring all his friends with him.

We open the door in many ways, walking in sin, disobedience, lying, strife…just to name a few. But the one I want to talk with you about today is strife. This is an ugly thing in the life of a believer and it opens up more to the enemy than you want opened, trust me on that.

In James 3:16 the Bible teaches us that where strife is there is every evil work. Imagine that for a moment, when you allow strife into your life or when you get into strife with someone – you have just opened the door to EVERY EVIL WORK. I can assure you that this is something you don’t want to open the door to. Once that door is opened you will feel like one thing after the other is going wrong in your life and you will try to find out why – but you may not realize that you have opened the door to every evil work through strife…and when you opened the door, it came in – every evil work was invited into your life.

In the Amplified Bible it says that what comes in where strife is will be; unrest, confusion, disharmony, rebellion and all sorts of evil and vile practices. These are things I do not want in my life.

Strife is defined as contention in anger or enmity, to struggle with for victory, to quarrel or war with, to oppose and agitate because of a difference of opinions.

My question to you is this; if you are in strife, struggling in anger for victory, opposing and agitated because of a difference of opinion – is it worth it to you to open the door to every evil work?

Friends, we are more mature than this, aren’t we? Let’s keep every door to the enemy slammed shut – let’s allow him NO place in our life – let’s not allow strife to enter our life. Whatever is causing you agitation, whatever you are struggling with, give it to God and allow Him to take care of it for you – He will and the only door opened in your life will be the door of blessings.