Trusting Him in the storm is the key.

If you choose to trust Him in the storm, it will be just like it was for me this morning. You will awake one day to a bright, sunny sky. The beauty of a new sunrise. The singing of birds. Then you will know you have made it through the storm.
I could testify of His faithfulness in storms for hours. He has walked with me through things I didn’t think I could survive. And most of the time, I walked alone, just Him and I. I did survive. Not only survive, but I learned to lean on Him and thrive during those seasons. Oh my! He is so very faithful. He is pure love manifested.

My friend, I don’t know what type of storm you find yourself in today, but this I do know. You can trust Him in the storm. It may rage around you, shouting to you. Don’t listen. Keep your eyes upon God, He will keep you in peace. Keep your ears tuned in to His voice, He will speak to you. Keep your heart set on Him – He will never leave you nor forsake you – and He will bring you out into an abundant place. You have His word on it. You will see the dawning of a new day…after the storm.