We often pray a prayer in faith and then we begin to speak words of doubt or declare that it isn’t working. Oh, my! When we do this, we simply pull up every seed of faith that we have sown. If you can’t say what the word of God says, be silent.

I encourage you today – when you sense your miracle and you are literally walking toward it – don’t be surprised if the enemy sends you a message that he hopes will bring fear and discouragement. Don’t fall into his trap. Listen to your spirit. Listen to Jesus.images (4)

If you listen, I promise you will hear Him saying ‘fear not, only believe.’ You will hear Him whisper to your heart – ‘don’t be scared, just keep trusting me, allow the faith that brought you to Me to carry you all the way to your miracle…keep believing, you can trust Me, I won’t fail you.’ The faith that brought you to this point will carry you to the end; to the place of your miracle…only believe.