We must perform the word, or act it out.

We cannot pray and declare healing and then begin to say how bad we feel.  We cannot act like we feel horrible to get sympathy from others.  We must speak the word of God with authority and then determine our actions will align with our words of faith.

If we begin to declare the word of God over our finances, God will begin to work on our behalf.  However, after we declare His word over our money, we must then trust Him with it and do what the word of God says with our money.  Our actions must match what our confession is.

We have all heard the old saying, actions speak louder than words.  It is truth.  As I said earlier, most of us have disciplined ourselves to say the right words, but our actions must match those words.  We must speak the word of God and then act it out.  Confession is what we say…not only with our mouth, also with our actions.  Our actions will speak volumes.

When our words and our actions begin to align, the power of God will work in our lives in a powerful way.  Today, I encourage you to bring your confessions of the word of God to a whole new level.  Not only speak the word of God, but determine your actions will coincide with the words of our mouth.  Speak and act what God says…for your actions really do speak loudly.

Let’s begin to let our voices be heard…both in word and in deed.