We were created by God to hunger and thirst for Him. It is only when we hunger that we will seek and pursue a fulfillment of that hunger. It is a hunger only God can fill. When there is no hunger for God, His presence, or His word…something is wrong spiritually.

Are you experiencing the presence of God in your life daily? If not, are you hungering for Him?

The more time you spend in prayer and the word of God…the more time you will want to spend in prayer and His word. You don’t have to begin spending hours a day with God, simply spend 15 minutes a day with God. If you do that daily for a week, you will want to increase your time. As we eat of His word and bask in His presence, we want more and more. And God is faithful to His word, the more of Him we want, the more we will be filled with Him and all He is.

Deuteronomy 8:3 says, “God fed them with manna and caused them to hunger.” When we eat of the bread from heaven, the word of God, it causes us to hunger for more. The more we hunger, the more we will be filled. The more we are filled, the more of Gods presence we will experience.

Hunger brings the presence of God…and it is hunger that keeps the presence of God in our lives. Therefore, we need to cultivate a deep hunger for God and His word.