If you ask God for debt freedom and something happens immediately, perhaps money comes into your hands to pay off all your debt…that is a miracle. However, if you ask God to become debt free and God shows you a way to pay off your debt, shows you ways to increase and this process takes a few months or even a year…is this way any less a miracle or the hand of God at work? I don’t think so. What’s the difference? The difference is that even though you didn’t see immediate manifestation, you kept standing in faith, kept fighting until you saw the outcome you desired. They are both the hand of God at work in our life.

We simply have to keep standing…that is why the Bible says in Ephesians; and having done all, to stand.

Friends, if you believe because you have not seen a manifestation of your promise yet that it wasn’t God, know today that it is a lie of the enemy. Also, know this; if he wasn’t so afraid that you would continue standing and refuse to give up, then he wouldn’t take the time to harass you about your promise. He is afraid you won’t let go of that promise because he knows if you don’t let go that you will see your promise fulfilled.