Our prayers are being heard. Our giving is being seen. There is no doubt about it and we will see a tipping point. We WILL. God has spoken it and He does not lie. That seed I sowed; I will see a tipping point for me and my partner…God said so.

The Bible says ‘don’t grow weary in well doing, for in due season we will reap if we do not faint.’ We only reap if we don’t faint. We reap when we don’t grow weary in well doing. We reap when we don’t give up.

I read an article on tipping points as it refers to business and it said most businesses don’t fail because they can’t be successful. Most businesses fail because someone gives up before they reach their tipping point, their time to begin to reap their reward from the work they have put in. Wow.

This will not be me. God has said THERE WILL BE A TIPPING POINT and that is enough for me. I will give and give and pray and pray until I see my bucket tip over and produce a flood where there has been a trickle, how about you? The God of Breakthrough is watching and listening, no doubt about it and your breakthrough is imminent. Rest assured of that promise. The tipping point is upon us.