Remember in the Old Testament, every time God was about to come down and speak to His people, He would tell them to sanctify themselves.  God wants us prepared in every way for His blessings.

I believe that we are living right now under an open heaven.  That means God is saying that the blessings of God are ready and waiting.  Yet, some of His people are not prepared.

Remember the wise and foolish virgins in Matthew 25:1-11?  Let me remind you; there were 10 virgins, waiting on the bridegroom, 5 were wise and prepared, 5 were not.  When the bridegroom came, the 5 foolish virgins had run out of oil, they were not prepared, and just like in my dream, they left to go buy oil and when they came back, it was too late.  They did not take part of the tremendous blessing of the bridegroom.

I know we don’t like to think about it, because the God we serve is merciful, but there are times when a blessing passes us by because we are not ready and we find that once we get ready, it’s too late, He has already passed by.  I don’t want to miss one thing that God has for me and I am so thankful that He warns me when He sees that I am unprepared. It’s time to wake up and get prepared!  It’s not time to slumber.

Being prepared could be as simple as increasing your capacity to receive.  Once, several years ago, I received a prophecy that God was taking me into a time of pressing in to Him, a time of fasting and prayer and that I was to prepare myself to receive all He had for me.  At the time, I thought ‘that’s silly; I am ready for whatever God wants to pour on me.’

What I later learned was that the things God wanted to give me were much bigger than I was prepared to receive and I had to enlarge my capacity to receive.  My faith was at level 6 and He wanted to give me level 20 blessings, so my faith had to increase to receive it.  Think about it, if you are going to give your child a bicycle for Christmas, you won’t try to put it in a shirt box will you?  Of course not, you will have to get something large enough to contain it.

Faith and blessings work the same way, your faith has to be large enough to receive your blessings.  So, how do you enlarge your capacity to receive?  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  Get in the Word of God and build up your faith, increase your faith level.