When I went through attack after attack and loss after loss, I realized the enemy was attempting to steal worship from me. Worship is my power tool. It is the place from where everything flows for me. Everything wonderful that has ever happened in my life has come from intimate times of worshipping God. That was the thing the enemy wanted to stop in me. And I will admit, it was very difficult for me to worship freely during those times – but worship I did. I worshipped by faith when I had to, but I worshipped. Now, worship is free flowing again. The enemy can’t steal your word, if you refuse to allow him to.

There is something that God has put in your heart. You feel you have fought for it for years and years and still haven’t seen it come to pass. Don’t give up on that word, don’t stop believing, if the enemy is attempting to steal it, it can only be because he sees what you will do with that word, he sees the value in it. Hold tight to that word.

It’s YOURS. It is your word, sown in the good ground of your heart. It is safe, keep believing that it is yours and you will see it come to pass.

You know…God will sow many more words in your heart. The moment they are sown, they are yours, it’s time we learn to hold fast to those words, refuse to let them go and see them come to pass…don’t you agree. This is our year to see it all. Hold fast.