God is looking for us to obey and obey quickly. I have a ton of excuses why I haven’t done what he told me to do. January is a busy month for us with yearly reports and tax prep. We have had numerous computers break down this month. We are having to re-do the month of January. Besides that I have been trying to get in extra time in study and praying for our partners. Life is busy, I have legitimate reasons but they are only excuses. I should have and could have taken the time to obey instead of putting it off.

The prophetic word said ‘do the last thing I told you so that things can move forward.’ I am stopping things from moving forward, not God.

Now, this word may be for you, or it may not. If it is…do the last thing God told you to do and do it quickly. It may be small – it may be huge – whatever it is do it so things can move forward. I can tell you that the enemy will make sure you have thing after thing thrown in your path to get you to delay obedience, it’s not that you don’t intend to obey, you are just waiting on the right time or any free time at all. Don’t delay another day, do it now. Do it now.