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The definition of change is ‘to be altered, to undergo variation.’ I was thinking about change this morning. You see, where I live, the seasons are beginning to change. Last weekend, it was eighty five degrees – it was wonderful – for several days we were able to work in the yard, play in the sand, we enjoyed it immensely. Today and yesterday it was cool again…but spring is certainly trying to break in.

Our seasons are being altered and seeing variation. Although I would love for it to be eighty five degrees every day, change is an ever evolving part of life that we can’t always control – as it is with weather when the seasons are in the midst of change. So it is with life.

There comes a time in every life when change begins to take place, something is being altered. Something is taking the place of something else and very often we can’t control that change. What we can control is how it affects us.

Many people will fight change, even change that is the plan of God for their life. When we do that it begins to affect our lives in a negative way. We become in bondage to the fear of the change, but it doesn’t have to be that way – change can hold us captive or it can set us free.

We can, instead, learn to embrace change and not fear it. Change can and often does, open new opportunities. Change also can eliminate stress and mental clutter. Change can be good – therefore we need to embrace change and the challenges that go along with it.

We can have confidence at all times…when our confidence rests in God. Why? Because He is God, even when everything around us is changing – He doesn’t change. He will never allow something to come your way that will destroy you – He didn’t come to destroy you but to give you life and life more abundantly and sometimes to step into that abundant life…change it required.

Whatever the change may require – you are equipped to handle it. How do I know? Because the Greater One lives inside you and you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

Change will do a couple things; it will increase your flexibility and it will cause you to stop being content with the predictable.

When I was first born again, many years ago, I was very rigid. I didn’t like change at all. I worked to get things the way I wanted them and I wanted them to stay that way. When God first began taking me through seasons of change, it was very hard for me. I am a person who likes schedules, priorities and things in order. But sometimes when God begins to bring change in your life – it can even appear as chaos. Keep in mind, I said appear that way. In the beginning of my walk in God that used to unnerve me. I was in my comfort zone and wanted to stay there.

Now, when I sense change coming, I don’t fear it or dread it. I embrace it and look forward to the challenge of it. Currently, even this day, it seems every single thing in my life has or is changing.

Friends and family have looked at me and said ‘doesn’t this worry you?’ Or they say ‘don’t you wonder what will happen?’ Frankly, no I don’t. I am confident in the God I serve and I am certain that all this change is working for my good. That’s His promise to me and that’s His promise to you. All things can and will work for our good, if we allow them too.

How about you? Does your life seem in chaos right now? Is everything changing? If so, ask God to show you how to walk through these changes with peace and confidence. Ask Him to show you how it will turn for your good and then…enjoy the season of change…it will bring so much new into your life – you will love it – trust Him – trust Him with you.