Sunday Selah

I don’t know what Red Sea experience you are standing at today – and I don’t know what enemy is pursuing you as it appears you have no way out. But this I do know, God says ‘Go forward!’ He said ‘don’t cry out to Me, I have already told you what to do, move forward.’ Often times we think that there is simply no way to move forward but if He says move forward, there is a way. It may just be an act of your faith. He may have told you to believe Him for healing and all the doctors reports are saying that you are not healed. To move forward you would have to do something that appears you are already walking in your healing. He may have told you to start your own business, but the money isn’t there to do it. Move forward, set up your office, get everything ready as if the money were coming today, and move forward. He may have told you to stand firm on the word of God in a situation and it looks like it is time to quit. Don’t quit – move forward in your faith. Keep saying only what God says regardless of how it looks.

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