We don’t have to wait on God. We don’t even have to ask his opinion, but if we don’t the thing we are after may not be the blessing we hope it will be. You can push the door open yourself and make things happen, but you may find out that you wish you hadn’t gone that way, you may discover that you should have waited on God.

If you are in a situation right now where you are toiling and toiling to make things happen it is probably not God. I have found where God leads, He gives the grace to follow. It may not be easy but it won’t be labor, it won’t be toil. If it is toil and labor STOP and ask God to lead and guide you. STOP and ask God if you are going the right way and in the right timing. STOP and ask God if you need to take care of anything or make any adjustments…just STOP until you hear His voice and then follow his lead, if you don’t you may very well regret it later on.

The things we gain through God will be maintained by God. The things we gain by our own flesh must be maintained in the flesh – never forget that.