What is coming against you today? Is it lack? Is it debt? Is it marital problems? Is it disease? Is it your children? Whatever it is the Bible says that the name of Jesus is above every name – AND – these things, named on earth, are BELOW that name.
The name of Jesus is above lack, it is above debt, it is above divorce, it is above addiction, it is above cancer, it is above fear – all those things have one place, UNDER the authority of Jesus. They have NO other place in your life. Remember when the Bible says to give ‘no place’ to the devil – well, that is exactly what it meant, NO PLACE. He has one place – under your authority – keep him there.

Friends, rise up in the authority that you ALREADY have and put the enemy in his place. Remember, God is awesome. Nothing is impossible to God. Nothing is impossible with God therefore nothing is impossible for you. Isn’t that wonderful news? Nothing is impossible! Dream Big. Declare Big. And you will see the Big come to pass.