Take Us All the Way, Lord

Take us all the way Lord. That is my prayer for you and me today.

I was reminded of this phrase today as I spent time in prayer.

This week has been a hard week. It has felt as if I was walking through quick sand with a boulder tied around my ankles. Have you ever had a week like that? Or even a day?

As I spent quiet time with the Lord, He reminded me of a movie. It is called Apple Mortgage Cake.

It is about a woman whose home was about to be foreclosed. She had no money coming in. She didn’t know what to do. All she knew how to do was bake apple cakes.

She began to bake apple cakes and sell them. At first it appeared impossible for her to save her home by selling apple cakes. However, she began to sell a lot of cakes. What seemed impossible at first, began to seem possible! Then she hit a snag.

Just as she could see the light at the end of the tunnel, a problem arose. Although people were ordering her cakes by the dozens, she had no way to ship them. How would she deliver all these orders? It appeared it was not going to work after all.

What did she do?

She sent all her helpers home. She began to pray and cry out to God. She prayed one thing. “Take me all the way God. Do not allow me to be stopped half way. Take me all the way to the fulfillment of my promise. Take me all the way God!”

When I heard this statement, it hit my spirit! I began to think about many of our readers and partners who are seeing a little evidence of blessing here and there. Yet, they have not seen the fullness of their prayers answered.

I thought about people who are standing in faith for healing. While, they see it is getting better, they have not yet received the fullness of their healing. They have not yet received a clean bill of health from their doctor. They have not yet seen complete restoration of their body.

I then thought about the people who are tithers and givers. They have seen God’s faithfulness in little areas. They have witnessed financial breakthroughs here and there. However, they have not yet experienced the fullness of the promises of the tither. They have not seen the windows of heaven open up and pour out a blessing they cannot contain. They have not seen the fullness of their harvest from giving into the kingdom of God.
Can anyone relate?

I am so very thankful for every little and every big thing God does for me. I am thankful for all God has done for this ministry. However, we have not yet experienced overflow. We have not yet seen the time of more than enough. The place where we must say “stop! We have too much!”
That may sound odd to you but that is exactly what happened in the Old Testament. And that is exactly what God intends for those who are faithful to Him.

Think about the children of Israel. Their promise was the Promised Land, a land flowing with milk and honey. The wilderness was not their promise. It was not what God wanted for them. No, they had a land set apart for them by God.

However, most of them never saw the Promised Land. Most of them didn’t enter into their promise. Most of them died in the wilderness.

The bible says they didn’t enter in because of their unbelief which showed up most often in the form of murmuring and complaining. This is something we simply must avoid at all costs when waiting on the fulfillment of a promise.

Today I say, “let’s go all the way!”

Let us declare, “Take us all the way God. Do not allow us to be stopped half way. Take us all the way to the fulfillment of our promise. Take us all the way God!”

I am praying this for you and for me. Won’t you pray in faith with me?

Friends, I encourage you to begin to pray this with me, refuse to be stopped. God has a Promised Land set aside just for you. He has promises that belong to you. He fully expects you to see the complete fulfillment of those promises. Whether they are financial, physical, spiritual or relational…they are yours for the taking.

Take us all the way God!

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