While studying through the Old Testament this past weekend, I found myself in the book of Joshua.

It was at the time when Moses had died. Joshua was now assigned the task of taking the children of Israel into the Promised Land. Their land of promise.

As I read, it seemed to be battle after battle after battle. At one point, I stopped and said, “Lord, this is all battles!” To which He responded, “so it is.”

God had given them the land, it was theirs for the taking. However, they weren’t able to just move in, they had to take it. With each new city, came a new battle. Each time God said, “go in and take it, it’s yours!” As they obeyed God, they possessed a new portion of land.

So it is with us today. Jesus came and destroyed all the works of the devil. The Bible tells us so. Because of Him, we too, have a promised land.

In that land is healing. In that land is deliverance. In that land is prosperity. In that land is soundness of mind. There is peace in that land. There is restoration in that land. There is resurrection in that land. Benefit after benefit belongs to us in that land. It is ours for the taking. God has said so.

The rest is up to us.

Some believe if God meant for us to have healing, He would heal us. To that I say, “He did!”

Many say, “if God meant for us to prosper, He would have given us prosperity.” Again, I say, “but He did.” It was all complete at the cross, read the book.

Our Promised Land is here for the taking…will we take it? Or will we be like the generation that didn’t enter into their Promised Land?

Today, we certainly find ourselves in a battle. I can’t help but wonder if it is because we are entering into our promised land. If so, the land is ours, just as the word of God says. But it is up to us to take it. To possess it. Some of us will and sadly, some won’t.

It the Old Testament, some complained against God. Most didn’t believe they could possess what God said was already theirs. What happened to them?

They died in the wilderness without ever seeing their promise fulfilled.

Yes, God can give us a word about our promise. However, if we don’t’ do our part. Or if we don’t believe His voice, we will never see that promised fulfilled.

The Bible says, “without a vision, the people perish.”

One translation says without a vision, the people let go. I refuse to let go.

I don’t care what it looks like around me, I refuse to back away from ALL the promises God has made me. How about you?

Healing is ours. It is ours for the taking. Deliverance belongs to us. Will we possess it? Prosperity was paid for at the cross, but will we walk in it?

As sure as the Promised Land belonged to Gods people back then, these promises belong to us today.

The only question is, will we take it.

Friends, it is not time to become weary of the battle. With every battle in God, there is a victory. Keep pressing in. Let nothing stop you from all He has for you and your family. Press in and enter into your promised land. God has done His part, let’s take our land!