Testimony Time!

Testimony Time!

I love testimonies, don’t you?  Today, I want to share a testimony from Kelita Deems.  I know personally that she fought hard for this testimony.  I am also giving you the link from the original writing she speaks of in her testimony.  God tells us in His word to share our testimony to encourage others – and we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony….may this give you the hope of overcoming as you read this awesome testimony.


Last year  you shared in a motivation about sowing extra to get out of lack.  (see link below for original article) The principle was basically to figure out how much you needed to get out of debt and tithe on that amount.  If you couldn’t so that amount, keep going backwards until you could sow.  For example:  I needed $200k, but I didn’t have $20k or even $2000 or $200 so I started with $20.  And I thought, wow, it might be hard to wait until I can get $200 or $2000 to sow, but the instructions were that you could keep track…… aha!  A Sowing Journal!

So, I created a spreadsheet and every time I gave over and above my tithe, I recorded it.  My journal amounts began to increase.  I am a giver anyway, but keeping it before my eyes and keeping record only excited me and motivated me all the more.

Then the Lord prompted me to include gifts.  I kind of argued at first, but then I thought, if I give someone an item that is worth $20, that is still seed and still sowing so I kept track.  He then reminded me that I had paid for my nephew’s school lunches for three years and had me figure that up and add it.  Then He showed me an amount that was within the last year to add.  (He is so gracious) and part of this for me I believe is – I am hard on myself and don’t always give myself credit.  I believe He wanted to show me that I have been giving more and over and above for years, but had forgotten or just didn’t keep track, but HE always keeps track!) God never forgets a seed…KP

Anyway, I needed to sow over $10k in a year to reach the goal I had set.  This was not possible in the natural.  My husband and I were facing serious money situations and thousands of dollars in medical debt. 

In January of this year, God unlocked monies for us to be able to pay off a huge amount of medical debt.  And earlier this month, I thought, oh shoot – I only have a few days to reach my goal and I am still almost a thousand dollars short – but hey!  I am ONLY about a thousand short!

I kept plugging along, keeping my ears open for opportunities to give – not just anywhere, but into good soil.  And the Lord, again, reminded me that sometimes we give away things that are worth money and we don’t think about that.  We are moving in two weeks and a young couple is buying our home as their first house.  We are gifting them several items over and above the cost of the house and I finished adding them on today and BAM!  I am $36 OVER my goal and within two days of the date I began last year!

Oh, and I want to say this: keeping this journal and keeping it before my eyes has been a huge part of the success.  It truly goes along with Hab 2:2-3 writing the vision and making it plain.  My numbers were in front of me and I could see each time I gave where I was on my journey.  It motivated me to keep going.  It made me want to run with it because it was speaking to me every time, I looked at it.  This record of my giving would say – keep going!  You are doing great!  Look what the Lord is doing through you!  Keep it up!

If I had not kept my journal, I would not have known when I met my goal!  Perhaps, I would have even forgotten what I was doing.  Now I have something to speak to and water and declare over!  And I have a record!  A written record just like Habakkuk speaks of.  AND I am now in line to receive the monies I need to cancel the $200k debt in my life because I have already sowed the tithe on it!  Looking back to when I began, $20k seemed so far away…but God took my gifts of $20 and $7 and $5 and $11 and $100 and kept adding and adding to where I reached my goal.  I didn’t have $20,000 but I had $20…..someone needs to hear this!

Also, as I was preparing this to be sent, the Lord reminded me that I now have a powerful weapon in my arsenal against debt and lack.  I am not only confessing the word, but I have proof that I have been obedient to that word!  And I will take this sword in my hand and wield it and I will see the debts in my promised land taken down and defeated!  Hallelujah!

The joy that has come over me is inexpressible!  I want to cry!  Look what the Lord has done!  In the hardest, most difficult year of my life, I sowed over and above my tithe over $10k!!!!!!!!  This is an incredible day for me today.  A milestone!  I am so thankful and grateful to the Lord! 

And now, I start a new journal!!!!

Kelita Deems

The Way Out of Lack

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