This morning as I prayed, a question came to mind, “When is the best time to prepare for a storm?”
Of course, the best time to prepare is before the storm. The only time to prepare is before a storm.
If we wait for the storm to hit, the only thing we can do is ride it out.
After pondering this thought, I felt compelled to write to you today and encourage you to prepare and stay prepared.
Now, I am not talking about stocking up food – no I am talking about preparing the way for anything that may come your way – to be able to overcome it, spiritually and physically.
That is what the Lord was saying, “prepare the way.”
We know from scripture that HE is the Way. (John 14:6)
So, what do we need to know about preparing the way?
In looking up the meaning of preparing the way it defined as; to create a favorable environment or to make it easy for one to come to you and operate in your life.
Therefore, we are to create a favorable environment for Jesus to come to us and operate in our life. Now it makes perfect sense.
If we were preparing the way for someone to spend the night with us, we would make sure the bed was ready. We would make sure they had a quiet place to rest. We would even make certain we had enough food for them. There are several things we would do in preparing the way for them to come.
I want to take some time with you today and give you some practical ways to prepare the way – and keep it prepared, so that Jesus can come and work in your midst.
Of course, one of the most important ways is to spend daily time in prayer. And we need to spend daily time in the Word of God.
Those two things are necessary for any believer. Yet, there are other things I do when I know I need to keep the atmosphere right for God to come and make His dwelling with me. And, at times when I need healing, there are things I do to keep the healing word of God in the forefront.
One thing I do quite often is I keep worship music playing. I have found it changes the atmosphere and cultivates peace. However, recently, I have continually played other things instead of worship music – it is what I felt is right for this season.
I have been playing healing scriptures on repeat. I have several cd’s that are healing declarations and I keep them playing a lot. I am also continually playing scriptural declarations throughout my home.
A couple of months ago, I have found a cd that I listen to regularly. It is by Katie Souza, SPEAK LIFE. It is a compilation of scriptures, confessions, and communion. It really is impressive. It is long but I listen to about five tracks before bed – taking communion through it and then five tracks when I awake – again taking communion.
Communion is a powerful tool; it is something we should do often.
These are simply some practical things we can do in our daily life – to keep the way open for God to come and work in our midst.
If we stay built up in God and in His Word, if we keep the right atmosphere in our homes and in our heart, then when a storm comes – we have already prepared the way for God to intervene and still the storm. And that is how we must stay in this season. Prepared and keeping the way (of the Lord) prepared.