For the past couple weeks, I have been hearing the following phrase. “The camels are coming.” Now, I know many of us have heard this statement, however, I believe God is speaking it for THIS time and confirming it. Allow me to explain.

Like I said, I am hearing, “the camels are coming” so much so that I pulled out a toy camel Brailee had bought me a year or so ago. I sat it on my dresser so I would have a visual of what God is saying in this hour.

Sunday afternoon came and I tuned into one of my favorite online ministries to hear their message for the day. His message: The camels are coming. I knew God was confirming what He had been saying to me. He shared a few things about camels I found interesting.

  • Camels carry things


  • Camels maintain their vision


  • Camels make progress regardless of what they are walking through


First of all, camels carry things. They carry goods, wealth, riches, and even people. Therefore, when God says the camels are coming, He is ultimately saying blessings are coming your way. Your blessing may be healing. It could be financial. It may even be a family member who has been away from God. Whatever it is, it is coming. It is on its way to you even now.

Next, we see camels maintain their vision. Camels have very long eyelashes. The reason for this is so they can continue to see no matter what is blowing or trying to blow in their eyes to block their way. The sand in the desert blows hard, impairing vision for most animals and even people. Not so for camels, their vision is protected by the long eyelashes, therefore they keep going, no matter what.

Finally, camels continue to make progress. Camels develop thick callouses on the bottom of their feet. The sand and desert become very hot, these callouses allow them to continue to move forward and take land without hinderances. Where most animals and people have to stop and get under the shade, the camels simply keep walking and taking ground.

What is all this saying to me? And to you? The camels are coming – the blessings of God are on the way. Nothing can stop them, they will not lose sight of where they are going, nor will any storm or heat hinder them from arriving at their destination.

Isn’t that good news?! Nothing can stop what God has coming your way. Nothing.

As we see God pouring out His presence on the earth, know this, when God comes, His rewards and His blessings are with Him. This is the time we are in. The camels are coming…because God and His manifested presence is on the scene like we have not seen in a long time. I am excited! I believe you will see God do things in your midst this very year that you have prayed for and dreamed of.

So dream big my friend and see with your spiritual eyes – the camels ARE indeed coming!


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