“Things are heating up!” As I heard those words, I knew God was confirming what He had spoken to me earlier that day concerning a coming storm. Not only had He spoken it, but He displayed in plain sight the Word He had shared with me.

That morning I read prophetic words from numerous sources, yet they all disclosed the same thing. Things were going to heat up in our nation and the intensity of the heat would form a storm. God was warning His people to hold steady during the impending storm. Once the storm passed, the prophecy stated, things would cool down across our nation and there would be times of refreshing.

These prophecies were on my mind as my daughter, grandkids and I loaded up to head out of town for the day. According to local news, it would be a sunny hot day, with no rain in sight.  Although, rain would have been a welcomed sight as our city had endured record-breaking heat for weeks.

After a day of browsing and eating, we began to make our way back home, planning a few more stops along the way. We were about thirty minutes from home when I noticed billowing dark clouds forming on the horizon. I glanced to my right, toward the mountains. Trees were twisting and bending in the distance as the wind began to pick up. “Breanne, check the weather app,” I instructed. “I believe a storm may be coming.” My daughter quickly checked her phone only to discover there was no storm predicted. I drove on, now with an eye on what appeared to be impending bad weather.

After a couple more stops, leaves and debris swirled around our car and through the streets. The looming clouds grew darker as we drew closer to them. I said, “Listen guys, we are going to head on home. No more stops today. It appears a storm is rolling in,” I drove on, as my hands tightened around the steering wheel.

Within minutes, rain and hail were pelting the windows. I fought to keep the car on the road as the wind increased, slowing my speed, as visibility had reduced considerably in the darkening atmosphere. Uncertain of what we had driven into, I pulled into a parking lot to wait out the storm. As I did, I glanced at the screen on my vehicle. It read 97 degrees.

This impromptu storm continued to rage around us, tree limbs slammed into buildings. Water rushed across the highway taking debris with it. Quietly I prayed under my breath, not wanting to cause fear. Yet I wished I had my family safely home and my car in my garage. After about twenty minutes, the rain let up just a bit. Thinking I could make it home, I started the engine. As I did, I again glanced at my gauges. The temperature had dropped over 20 degrees! It now read, 71 degrees.

I was astonished at how the temperature dropped drastically in such a short time. In that moment, the Lord spoke, “Isn’t amazing how a storm can cool things down?!”

Ah. Although we may see things heating up all around us, we must not fear. He is instructing and encouraging us that when we see the heat intensify, we should take courage for the coming storm will inevitably cool things down.

Slowly I pulled back onto the highway, and we began our journey home. The torrential rain continued, as the winds whipped around us. The effects of this unforeseen violent storm were evident. Roads were littered with debris. Pools of water stood on every road. Tree limbs floated across the highway. It was like driving through a mine field. And the trees that were unable to withstand the wind and rain, lay across roads and houses. Yet, even while I took in the sights, I was encouraged. I knew God was speaking – He was bringing hope and comfort. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Finally arriving at home, I stepped out of my vehicle with renewed hope for the days ahead. Yes, a storm is coming. But we can hold steady during the storm, knowing He has a plan for His people. We can also know that once the storm passes, there will be times of refreshing as things cool down across the land.

I breathed in the cool air, thanking God for two things. Preparing His people and giving us hope of a good outcome. Hope that a time of refreshing was on its way.

Friends, the atmosphere is right for an impending storm. Things are indeed heating up. But God is not surprised. Not only that, but He has promised a time of refreshing after the storm. We only need to stay steady and do not cease praying. As we continue to keep your eyes upon Him, He will bring us through the storm. There is nothing to fear. He is, indeed, in the storm with us – declaring as He once did, “Peace, be still.”