double-rainbowIt’s still happening! God is re-confirming every single word He spoke to me April 29th of this year. As you may recall in a previous writing, He told me to believe Him for DOUBLE. I said ‘God, we haven’t seen the original prayer answered yet?’ He said ‘what have you got to lose?’ Therefore, I set my heart that day to believe for the double for the month of May.

Before I finish this stream of thought, let me share something funny with you. I spoke with a Pastor friend of mine on the phone today. She told me about one of her staff members who had just read my partner letter this month. She said this lady said ‘if I read one more thing from Kim Potter about pressing in or casting nets, I am going to want to choke her.’ LOL, I laughed and said ‘tell her I am right there with her, but when God gives me these things I have to share them.’ I said ‘when God first led me to share that particular partner letter I said ‘Come on God, really?!’ But I obeyed.

You see at times we feel like we are hearing the same things over and over again and we are. But think of me as your spiritual coach, encouraging you to the other side.

There is a part in the movie ‘Facing the Giants’ that I love. The coach tells one of the player to put a blind fold on and get down on the ground on all fours and carry his teammate on his back to the end zone. The guy says ‘Coach, I can’t do that.’ The coach says ‘that’s okay, just do your best, that’s all I am asking, just give me your all, will you give me your all?’ The boy agrees to give his all. He puts on the blindfold and allows his teammate to get on his back and begins crawling across the football field.

The first few minutes he doesn’t struggle, but after a while he begins to struggle and stop and the coach says ‘just two more steps!’ He moves forward. He says ‘coach I can do it anymore.’ Still the coach continues to tell him ‘just keep going, you can do it, give me your all, have you given me your all? Have you left it all on the field?’ The young man keeps moving forward. Finally after a long time he says ‘Coach, that’s all I’ve got, I don’t have anymore.’ The coach says ‘take the blindfold off and look at where you are.’ He was in the end zone. He gave it his all and he made it to the other side, even though he didn’t think it was possible. I just love that part and that is what I am reminded of today.

I am here cheering you on and encouraging you – even when you think you can’t go any more, even when you think you can’t believe again, even when you think you can’t cast your nets one more time. Even when you think tithing and giving isn’t working, I am here cheering you on and if you stick with me and God, you will get to the other side, because that is where we are going.

Now, back to my main focus. I wanted to encourage you. God told me to believe Him for the double this month and I am seeing things happen AND I am seeing them happen quickly. Just this morning I received a confirmation from a pastor friend of mine in Illinois. I want to share it with you:

“Kim, as I was reading this word I heard Holy Spirit speak and say that there would be a double speed anointing operating as well. Things that we are believing for will come to us twice as fast. Problems will be resolved twice as fast. Double speed anointing!!!

Just as it was for Elijah and Elisha, so shall it be for you. Elisha received a double portion!
Exciting times!!! I believe!!!” (Pastor Karen)

Now, that being said, if you are a partner of this ministry, this word belongs to you as well and I want you to grab hold of it today and believe God for the double. Those of you who have sown seeds already this month, believe God for the double harvest. Whatever you are believing God for, believe for the double – it is available in the month of MAY of that I am certain. I have heard from the Lord on this truth and it has been confirmed over and over again. Don’t miss out on the double anointing that is available to us this month, I can promise you I am not going to miss it.

I am seeing this word come to pass from Pastor Karen, I am seeing things happen much faster than in previous months… this too is a confirmation!

Friends, the windows of heaven are open and God is making a double portion available, will you believe it? Will you cast your nets of faith one more time? Let’s lay hold of all God has for us this month! We hear you God and we lay hold of the double anointing available this month! In Jesus name.