‘And we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, so we were in their sight.’ Numbers 13:33. This scripture is referring to the days when Moses sent twelve men to spy out the land that God had promised to give them. They were to look for certain things; to see if the people who dwelt there were strong or weak, to see if the land was good or bad, and to check out the fruit of the land.

Twelve men of God went down – ten saw one thing – two saw something different. How is that? Did they really see two different set of facts? No, all twelve saw the same facts with their natural eyes. But two, Joshua and Caleb, they saw the same facts yet through the eyes of faith – through their absolute trust in the God who had delivered them before.

Ten men said ‘we’re like grasshoppers in our own sight so we were in their sight.’ And there-in lies the problem, they were looking through their eyes of flesh, while the two were looking through the eyes of faith. Other people will see you as you see yourself and so will the enemy.

Joshua and Caleb saw the same things yet said ‘it’s a great land and God is with us therefore we can take our land.’ There two men were looking through the eyes of faith – seeing as God sees.

Remember David? In I Samuel 17, Goliath had come out against the army of God and the Bible says that because of Goliath’s words, the men of God were greatly afraid. Wow!

Because of his words alone they were greatly afraid. Then David, this little ruddy boy come along and David saw Goliath differently, he saw a man coming against his God. David was able to see the situation through the eyes of faith and he declared that Goliath would be defeated in the name of the Lord and he was.

David, Joshua, and Caleb saw differently. This sight came from within, not from their natural eyes. Where all the others saw opposition – they saw opportunity. They didn’t deny the giants, they simply knew that The Greater One lived in them and they knew every giant could and would be defeated in the name of the Lord.

What do you see when you look at your circumstances? Do you see giants standing in the way of your promises and decide to just stay where you are instead of pressing into what God has promised you? Or do you see that the God who is on the inside of you is greater and more than able to defeat any and all giants in your way?

In both instances, the children of God were afraid of what they saw and what they heard. The giants hadn’t laid one finger on them, they simply feared what they heard and saw.

The enemy works the same way today. His only weapons are words (lies) and making things look worse than they are. He has no power, none, to keep you from your promises. He can only lie and deceive.
Don’t give into the lie. Look past those giants and see that great promised land through the eyes of faith and declare as David did ‘who are you to come against me, a child of God, this day my God will surely deliver you into my hand.’

Also, don’t allow people who can’t see your promises because of fear or doubt to distort your perception. Don’t allow negative words to keep you from your promises – stand toe to toe with every giant that stands in your way, your God will defeat them for you every single time. He will lead you into your Promised Land if you’ll only believe, trust and see through the eyes of faith.