On Monday night we had a Passover celebration at our ministry office.   I taught a short message on Passover and then we went over the blessings of Passover.  We then took communion.  At the end I prayed and declared the blessings of Passover over each person who attended.

One of the people who attended was an eleven year old girl.  Her name is Cierra, she is my niece.  After the meeting Cierra kept saying ‘Oh I can’t wait to see what God is going to do.’

Later that night my sister called me and began to tell me about how Cierra was acting after they went home.  She told me how she wanted to help apply the blood over the doors of their home and how she prayed over it.  She told me how she wanted to be woke up at 3am to see the blood moons.

The next morning my sister again called me and told me about a conversation on their way to school that morning.  It went like this.  Cierra said ‘O, I know God is going to do wonderful things today.’  Her brother said ‘how do you know?’  She said ‘we studied it last night.’  He said ‘maybe you will get 100’s on all your work today.’  She said ‘yes, and GOD is going to drive out all my enemies.’  Spencer replied ‘how will he do that?’  Cierra said ‘He will cause them to be so confused that they will walk away from me in confusion.’  Spencer said ‘now, how can God do that?’  Cierra, full of faith, responded ‘‘Because God can do anything, nothing is impossible for God, he does the impossible all the time.’

Her faith was a tremendous blessing to me and a reminder that God tells us to have the faith of a little child, just like Cierra’s.  We studied the word of God, she took the word literally and KNEW in faith that God would do what the word said.  Not only did she know but she told everyone she saw that God would do amazing things this year.  Her faith was contagious and it affected all of us.

The Bible says; Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.  Mark 10:15

Faith like a child.  It is a faith that believes God without question.  It is a faith that does not question or try to figure out how that could happen.  It is a faith that simply believes.

With many adults, they begin with childlike faith.  But then things come along that cause them to doubt and question God.  When we become older and more mature, we began to try to work things out in our mind and figure out how the impossible could happen.  The problem with that is we simply can’t figure out the impossible…that’s why it’s impossible.  We simply have to have faith – the God kind of faith – a child-like faith.

Along with her faith, Cierra had an excited expectation.  It was awesome to hear that kind of expectation.  I don’t hear that a lot from adults and again, I thought of how God says ‘we must have the faith of a child if we ever want to enter into the kingdom of God.’

As I was studying this I came across a scripture found in Psalm 116:6, in the New Living Translation.  It says ‘The Lord protects those of child-like faith.’  I don’t know why but I had never seen this verse before.  God protects those who have the faith of a child.  I don’t know about you but it is my desire to have and keep child-like faith.

I desire to believe Gods word without question.  Believe his prophetic word without hesitation and have an excited expectation about my life KNOWING, just knowing that God is going to do amazing things…TODAY…this day.  How about you?




Father, I ask you today to restore us to child-like faith.  If life has caused us to doubt or if life has caused us to not reach as high as we once did or believe as strongly as we once did, restore our faith.  Father, we desire a God kind of faith – a solid faith and we ask you to work that in us.  We believe you are God and we believe you can do the impossible and we desire to see the impossible manifest in our life.  We reach out for the impossible today, we declare and decree that we see the seemingly impossible done in our lives, today and every day.  We declare and decree that we have child-like faith and we enter in to the Kingdom of God fully, this day, in Jesus name.  Amen and So Be It.