bible-fireFew people want to talk about the fire – the purging process of God. While we may not talk about it, if we are ever going to grow in God – it remains a part of the believer’s life.

In Zechariah 13:9 God says that He will bring some through the fire, He will refine them as silver is refined. And test them as gold is tested and once they have completed that process, He will say ‘this is My people.’

This process of fire, it’s not a process that lasts forever – actually the Bible says we will come forth as gold, that tells me there is a season when the process of purging will come to an end. It also says when we come through the fire, we will not be harmed and we won’t even have a smell of smoke on us. There is an end to the purging fire of God.

On the other side of that place is joy unspeakable and full of His glory. How do I know? Because I have walked through a few of those processes and I have seen the other side. Some believe the other side doesn’t exist, but that is only because they have never pressed through to see it for themselves.

Just this week, I heard from one of our readers, (I call them my people) they are those I have been in prayer with for the past year. They are precious to me and I am committed to seeing their prayers answered. One of our readers wrote to me and said she had gone through such a fire for the past 7 years. That is a very long time, I can relate to that kind of fire.

She said through the fire she ask God to NOT let her out until He had completed His work in her. So she stayed in the fire – but recently she came out. She was telling me about the wonderful ways God has begun to bring restoration and is answering her long awaited prayers. I rejoice with her. I know the commitment and determination it took to stay there and I am thrilled that she is now seeing the other side.

Last night, I received another email from a reader. She too has seen awesome results to prayers she has been praying for some time, for her finances and for her spouse. God is moving in an awesome way in her life and I rejoice with her as well. Our God is faithful and if you press on through – you will come out into an abundant place – both of these women are proof of that.

I am seeing and hearing awesome testimonies of those who have come through the fire, the purging process of God. God has used their challenges to burn away everything in their lives that is not of Him, leaving them pure and radiant. He has purged and purged and now He says ‘this is MY people.’ I can’t think of anything more awesome than that.

Recently someone shared a story with me about a tree found in the West. I don’t recall the name but it is an unusual tree. Every year it drops seeds to the ground, seeds from this tree continually fall. And, the seeds just lay there. They do not go into the ground and produce more trees; they just lay there…until a forest fire comes. When the fire comes, these seeds begin to spring forth and sprout. It is only in the fire that new life springs forth.

It is often that same way with us. You will find that you grow the very most during difficult times. You will find that you gain the most strength swimming upstream. It is not in success that you learn to do things better, but in failures. It’s in the hard and challenging times that you learn to cling to God and to press on through to the other side.

Don’t despise the fire, embrace it. Welcome it. Knowing that God is working in you and bringing you forth as gold. He is bringing you to a place where you look, act and react just like Him. He is causing all your seeds – and I know you have many – to spring forth and produce newness of life. Trust Him in the fire. Don’t jump out. Just trust Him – He will bring you through and you won’t even smell of smoke. It’s His promise!