I love reading about the Apostle John. There was something very different about him. Words were said about him that was not said about any other Apostle.

He was even referred to as the one whom Jesus loved.

The funniest thing is that you find that in the Gospel of John four different times and in no other Gospel. It may sound like arrogance to some, to me it sounds like confidence. John had a revelation of the love that Jesus had for him. There was no doubt in his mind that he was the the one whom Jesus loved. He believed this without reservation.

This God kind of love is agape, a word that didn’t exist until Jesus came along. He is the picture of God’s love. This is the highest kind of love that exists. Agape knows no limits or boundaries as to how far it will go to demonstrate that love. This love will sacrifice itself for the sake of the person who is loved. This love has no strings attached and nothing will turn it away. Nothing can diminish it.

This is the message of the New Covenant…God so loved, that He gave. You do not have to earn God’s love; it is yours already and freely. There is nothing you can do to make Him love you more. There is nothing you can do to make Him love you less. He loves you just as you are.
Romans 8:38-39 says that nothing can separate you from that love. Do you know, I mean really know, God loves you?

If you know He loves you, fear won’t be able to reside in you for perfect love casts out all fear.

While the love we experience here on earth is often conditional, His love is not. If you have to earn someone’s love, you will have to do the same work to maintain that love. We see this in marriages, someone trying to earn a person’s love. We see it in children, always trying to earn a parent’s approval and love. This is not agape love. Agape love is freely given and loves no matter what.

Look at a person who is in love, they look different? They glow. They look happy and free. I have seen this look on my Mom recently. It is obvious that she knows she is loved and adored. When you know you are loved you feel different. You feel safe and protected.

On the other hand, if you are in a relationship where you are not certain you are loved, you feel vulnerable and unprotected. That is not the God kind of love.

A person knows when they are truly loved. And they know that love will do no harm. The one who they are loved by will protect them at all cost and love them even when they mess up. That is the God kind of love.

The God kind of love removes fear. It removes fear of people, of disease, even of failure. You know that no matter what happens; God will protect you and bring you through to victory. That’s what the entire New Testament is about, God’s love for you!

Psalm 5:12 says that the Lord surrounds us with a shield of His love.

Think for a moment, don’t you recall times in your life when you felt so loved that you felt protected, like you had a hero? I know I have. I can tell you that is the best feeling in the world. That is what God has for you, a love that makes you feel safe and protected. He IS your hero. He is the ultimate Hero. He will never fail you. His love will never fail you. His love never fails.

Let me leave you with this final thought about the Apostle John. John died an old man; he was the only Apostle who lived out his life as an old man. This Apostle knew one thing for certain; God loved him, Jesus loved him. That love sustained him throughout his life. You can know that same love, it’s yours for the taking, for you too are the disciple whom the Lord loves.

It is my hope and my prayer for you today – that THIS day, you experience that love. Agape love from God. That His love would overtake you even as you read this today. May you be filled with the fullness of His love.

Meditate on this:
I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine. Song of Solomon 8:3